MSS History

MSS (International Conference on Modulated Semiconductor Structures) was started as “Metastable and Modulated Semiconductor Structures (MMSS)” on 6-10 December 1982, in Pasadena, California, USA. The conference received its present name in 1985 and, since then, it has been regularly organized in every 2 years. The purpose of MSS is to provide an international forum on the latest progress in the field of physics, formation, processing, and device applications of modulated structures.

The number of participants has been kept around 300, to make the conference stimulating and comfortable.

*: Jointly held with EP2DS

Round Year Venue Country Chairperson Proceedings Photos
1 1982 Pasadena (USA) Anupam Madhukar and Frank Grunthaner Proc. by AIP
*2 1985 Kyoto (Japan) Hiroyuki Sakaki Surface Science 174
3 1987 Montpellier (France) Michel Voos Journal de Physique 48, C5
4 1989 Ann Arbor (USA) Leroy Chang Surface Science 228
*5 1991 Nara (Japan) Satoshi Hiyamizu Surface Science 267
6 1993 Garmisch Partenkirchen (Germany) Gerhard Abstreiter Solid State Electronics 37
7 1995 Madrid (Spain) Carlos Tejedor Solid State Electronics 40
8 1997 Santa Barbara (USA) Pierre Petroff Physica E 2
9 1999 Fukuoka (Japan) Yasuhiro Shiraki Physica E 7
10 2001 Linz (Austria) Günther Bauer Physica E 13
*11 2003 Nara (Japan) Yasuhiko Arakawa Physica E 21
*12 2005 Albuquerque (USA) Evelyn Hu Physica E32
*13 2007 Genova (Italy) Alessandro Tredicucci Physica E 40  
*14 2009 Kobe (Japan) Hideo Ohno Physica E 42
*15 2011 Tallahassee (USA) Junichiro Kono (Program)

Lloyd Engel and Dmitry Smirnov (Conference)

*16 2013 Wrocłow (Poland) Tomasz Dietl
*17 2015 Sendai (Japan) Yoshiro Hirayama