Asian American Christian Fellowship is the Epic Movement at Penn State. Epic Movement is a Cru ministry, focused on reaching Asian American students and faculty through building Christ-centered movements that are culturally meaningful and significant.

Mission: To bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through Asian American students and faculty

Vision: We envision Asian American students and faculty whose lives are being transformed by the gospel and who are…

  • Growing in their understanding of and relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Embracing the value of their culture through Christ’s redemptive love
  • Taking their place in God’s redemptive plan by building missional movements that impact their families, peers, community, and world with the power of the gospel

Get Involved!

EPIC: Every Friday at 7pm we have our large group fellowship meetings, which we call Epic Meeting. It’s a great time to meet other people and learn more about God in a safe environment. Every week will be different, filled with fun activities, praise, special speakers, and more! We hope to provide a friendly place where you feel comfortable to have fellowship with us. Join us on Zoom!

EVENTS & ACTIVITIES: In addition to our weekly activities, we host numerous events throughout the year, including picnics, broomball, banquets, hiking trips, concessions volunteering, praise/prayer nights, retreats, and more. View our calendar and sign up for our weekly emails (on the right) to see our upcoming events.

SMALL GROUPS: Meeting once a week, small groups provide a safe place to study the Bible and connect with others on a deeper, more personal level. Groups tend to range from 5-10 people and are gender-specific. Learn more about joining a small group.

TEAMS: Since our movement is student-led and staff-guided, we offer many opportunities for students to take on leadership roles and be involved in running our movement. Learn more about joining a team.

RETREATS: Once a semester, we take a break from school and head to the outdoors, living in cabins, where we can focus more on getting to know God and each other. We have great speakers, a special praise band, games, food, and lots of sharing time.

Short-term Projects

  • Summer Missions: Epic Movement offers annual short-term mission trips to 1 domestic (Wildwood, NJ) and 3 international locations (East Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan). You could be sharing the gospel with co-workers on the boardwalk or with college students in a foreign land, but you can be sure that your faith will be stretched and strengthened. As the year progresses, look out for more information on these! Visit the Epic Movement missions page to learn more, or check out the Cru website for other opportunities. Note: Due to COVID-19, all Summer 2020 missions are cancelled.