We have plenty of opportunities for students to help run the movement, gain leadership skills, and be challenged in their faith. We split our responsibilities into 6 teams described below. Choose a couple teams and sign up by contacting the team leaders.

Epic Team:

Leader: Calvin Jou (cxj81@psu.edu)

Epic team runs our weekly large group meetings by emceeing, running AV, or greeting people as they walk in. Their goal is to provide a welcoming environment for people as they develop friendships, learn more about God, and hear important announcements.

Outreach Team:

Leader: Samantha Kang (smk6131@psu.edu)

Outreach team seeks to extend God’s love to anyone in our spheres of influence. The team hands out flyers, hosts welcoming events, and serves the Penn State community in order to better fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

Praise Team:

Leader: David Lu (dkl7@psu.edu)

Praise team prepares and leads songs of worship during large group meetings, retreats, and special prayer nights. They also set up any sound or stage equipment needed for these events. The team seeks to create an atmosphere of worship to God and to use music to minister the gospel message.

Prayer Team:

Leader: Kenneth Tzan (kjt5352@psu.edu)

Prayer team aims to instigate profound change in our movement and the world through reflection, discussions, Bible readings, and the sacred yet intimate, humbling yet powerful, daily yet life-changing, divine engagement of prayer. Prayer meetings usually occur one morning and one night a week.

Retreat Team:

Leader: Joshua Lam (jml6712@psu.edu)

Retreat team is responsible for planning trips where we can take a break from our daily routines and refocus our lives on God and grow closer to each other. Retreats usually involve times of praise, personal reflection, prayer, discussion groups, food, and fun activities.

Social Team:

Leader: Young Kyoung (ybk5063@psu.edu)

Social team plans and leads both casual and competitive social events, such as picnics, hiking trips, broomball, scavenger hunts, team-building games, arts and crafts, and various sports. The team strives to create a fun, welcoming atmosphere where people can form lasting friendships that will bring glory to God.

Other ways to help:

We are currently looking for more people to help with web design, graphic design, photography, videography, and sound mixing. If you are interested in helping with any of these areas, please contact Pearl Battalora (kpb5349@psu.edu) or Beth Yeung (eay5067@psu.edu).