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Student Dynamical Systems Seminar (Spring 2017)

Organizer: Alena Erchenko
Time: Friday 2:30-4pm in 216 McAllister


January 20
Speaker – Alena Erchenko
Topic – Introduction to Teichmuller Theory (for beginners through examples)

January 27
Speaker – Dominic Veconi
Topic – On measurable p-adic dynamics

February 3
Speaker – Changguang Dong
Topic – On cohomological equations

February 10
Speaker – Farruh Shahidi
Topic – On decay of correlations for non-uniformly hyperbolic maps

February 17
Speaker – Dong Chen
Topic – On Mather’s theorem

February 24
Speaker – Andrew Hanlon (UC Berkeley)
Topic – Existence of Periodic Orbits for Hamiltonian Flows

March 17
Speaker – Agnieszka Zelerowicz
Topic – On Caratheodory structures in dynamics

March 24
Speaker – Dominic Veconi
Topic – Review of our discussions on Teichmuller theory on Working Seminar

March 29
Speaker – Shilpak Banerjee
Topic – Some real-analytic AbC constructions on the torus

April 5
Speaker – Kurt Vinhage (University of Chicago)
Topic – Some tools for building algebraic structure

April 7
Speaker – Snir Ben Ovadia (Weizmann Institute)
Topic – An extension of the result of the symbolic dynamics for nonuniformly general dimensional diffeomorphisms.

April 14
Speaker – David Hughes
Topic – Flexibility of Topological Entropy for Sinai Billiards


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