“This I believe”, Passion Blog, and Civic Issue Blog Ideas

For “This I believe”, one of my ideas is my belief that the unknown is beautiful. When I was a kid I wasn’t really afraid of the normal things like monsters, I was always afraid of the unknown, the things I couldn’t see or know. For a long time this was my biggest fear, but once I went SCUBA diving I finally got over this fear. It was like an awakening, I realized that it was okay to not know what was going to happen or what came next. That the unknown is unexpected, and the unexpected moments in life, the moments we never see coming are the most beautiful and sometimes most meaningful. A second belief of mine is being well read. My whole life I have been a reader. When I was young I was the kid who brought a book out to recess, read in the car, and any other free moment. I feel that my background in reading has really helped me in life and I think everyone should have a good foundation in reading. Both of these are very personal to me and be interesting to think about.


For my civic issue blog, one idea is to write about lack of clean water in other countries. In America, we take for granted clean water, but in other countries people have to walk miles just to get water and it’s not even clean. Water is the most important resource, and though we don’t think about it very often, we really ought to. Another idea is about America’s education system versus other countries. How does our education compare to other countries? Are we even on the same level? and what is our government trying to do to fix this issue?


For my passion blog I want to stick with a travel idea. I think I want to do a bucket list blog, different places to go and things to do. I want to be able to share all the different places I hope to go and things I want to do. I might even do a bucket list for college students or just a regular bucket list. Another idea is to blog about archaeology. I am an archaeology major so I find archaeology fascinating. I could write about archaeological sites I want to go to and maybe research some new archaeological finds.


  1. Abby Koehler says:

    All of your ideas are so fantastic! It’s going to be so hard to decide just one… But I really like your civic issues idea about the lack of clean water in other countries. My church does a lot of missions trips to African countries in order to build clean water wells in villages, so it’ something I’ve heard a lot about, but only from the perspective of my church. I would really enjoy hearing about other opinions on the issue! I think your bucket list idea is also great! After reading about the places you’ve been, it would be cool to hear about where else you want to go. Both of your This I believe ideas would be great too. I’ve never really thought about the idea of the unknown into much detail, so I would love to hear your opinion on it.

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