Time for Adventure

1. Go Shark Cage diving

Over spring break I was watching Jaws and I was thinking about how scared of great white sharks I am but how cool it would be to go shark cage diving. I know in South Africa this is a very popular thing to do I think I would like to try it out, who knows maybe I won’t think sharks are scary anymore. This would be one thing that would really put me outside my comfort zone I think I would probably cry before I went into the cage but it’s defiantly something I still want to try doing.

2. Learn to Hula Dance

I think it would be really awesome to be taught to hula dance, and not just some swaying of the hips but real hula dancing like the native Hawaiians learn to do. I’m pretty awful at dancing, so I don’t know how well it would go but it would be fun to give it my best shot. Besides who doesn’t want to put on a grass skirt and dance. Hopefully after this lesson I would have a little more rhythm and grace, but I think that’s just wishful thinking.

3. Go Sand boarding

In many middle eastern countries, where there are deserts full of giant hills made of sand, you go snowboarding on the sand dunes. I ski so I think I it would be really awesome to try snowboarding on the sand in the desert rather than on snow, just a little change of scenery. I want to try as many different things as possible in my life so to try a sport usually made for snow on sand would be a really cool experience.

4. See an Opera in Paris

I’m not much of an opera kind of person but I would be kind of cool to experience my first opera in a city like Paris. I don’t know how much I would enjoy it or if I’ll even know what’s going on but I figure I can’t go through life never having seen an opera. Maybe I’ll even come to love opera.

5. Learn to Make Pasta

When traveling I think one of the most important aspects of culture is the local food. Now I personally love pasta, every type, so it would be really fun I think to be taught by a local Italian how to make pasta from scratch. I know it’s a long and tedious process but I think afterwards it would taste even more delicious and I would come to have even more of an appreciation for pasta and the art that goes into making fresh. Hopefully I’ll get even more helpful cooking tips.

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  1. Liz Gong says:

    Yes!! These are all things I would love to try! Shark cage diving has always been something I wanted to do! I am immensely afraid of sharks so I think it will help me get over my fear of sharks… or maybe intensify my fear. But Sand Boarding also sounds super fun. It would be super cool to snowboard on sand! Great post!

  2. Jack Hatzell says:

    These all seem so awesome and I would love to do just about all of them (not a big fan of opera). All of these involve exploring the world and visiting new places and that is exactly what I want to do. I am actually studying in Spain this summer and visiting Africa for a long weekend so maybe I’ll actually have the chance to do a couple of these experiences.

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