Let’s Do Something Crazy

1. Windsurfing

Whenever I go to the beach I see people windsurfing, and I’ve been wanting to try it out. I think it looks pretty difficult to do, but a lot of fun.  Since I sail maybe I would understand the whole using the wind in order to move, it’s probably a lot lie using a sail when sailing. I always see people doing tricks but I don’t think I would get good enough to do that. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to do this once in my life.

2. Go to an Imagine Dragons Concert

I love the band Imagine Dragons, I think their music is so good and I know every song. I really want to see them perform live, but I haven’t had the chance yet. If I went to one of their concerts, it would only be the second concert I’ve ever been to so that would be pretty cool. I’m really hoping that they come to Philadelphia soon and hopefully I can convince my friends to go with me.

3. Rappel down a waterfall

So, I really like rock climbing, but I think my favorite part is rappelling down. When I was in Costa Rica, I really wanted to rappel down a waterfall, but I didn’t get the chance. I think it is so much to let yourself go down and its nice because it’s something you have control over, rather than just a straight drop. If I have the chance, when I’m near a waterfall, I’ll defiantly try it out.

4. Touch an elephant

I don’t know why but I have always been fascinated by elephants, maybe it’s just their sheer size or the fact that they are so cute. I know in a lot of countries they have elephant rescue centers where you can help give them a bath or feed them. I’ve seen pictures of people using really long brooms to wash an elephant, it looks like so much fun! It would be so cool to just be so close to such a enormous animal. Besides I’ve always wondered what an elephant’s skin feels like.

5. Witness Carnival in Rio de Janiero

Carnival is a very important celebration in Brazil, and they really go all out. So many people come just to see the celebration. I think it would be really awesome to see what Carnival is all about and witness it first hand. Plus I really want to visit Brazil, so if I went for Carnival then I could stay and see the rest of the country.

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  1. Liz Gong says:

    I’ve always wanted to go windsurfing!! I’m just always worried since I have trouble standing on my own two feet on land that I’m going to struggle surfing on water. Imagine Dragons actually came to Susquehanna Bank Center a few weeks ago, and I went!!! They were just absolutely amazing live, and it was just such an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend going next time they come! They are actually working on their new album, so I am super pumped!!

  2. Sonia K. says:

    Wow, I really love looking at your blog about traveling because it always inspires me to try and go do things. As far as the Imagine Dragons concert, they actually came to Penn State for free last year so, maybe they will bring them again? And I completely agree with you about going to Brazil — I think it seems like the coolest country ever. Not to mention the culture is just so vibrant.

  3. Benjamin Grove says:

    This is an awesome list of things to do! Windsurfing looks really hard, but I wonder if it is harder than regular surfing. Hopefully I will be going to Ocean City for a week or two this summer, and if I do I will totally check that out. Rappelling down a waterfall also looks really cool too! Awesome post.

  4. Emily Isaacs says:

    Once again, I never have ideas of doing these things until you plant them into my head. The one that caught my eye in particular this week was spending time with elephants. I saw a woman wrestling with a baby elephant on Cute Emergency on Twitter recently, and I realized how precious they really are. I think that Carnival would be so much fun. We tried, pathetically, to emulate the festivities of Carnival in my spanish 5 class last year and failed miserably. Going to the real thing would be awesome. Also, I love Imagine Dragons!

  5. I had no idea you were so into traveling! These sound really cool and I also checked out your “about me” page and your major sounds soo cool (probably because I didn’t even know that was a major haha). But yeah, these all seem really cool and if you do them you should definitely write about it and/or post pictures.

  6. I have also always wanted to try windsurfing but I feel like it’s so hard. I can imagine myself constantly falling over and not being able to get back up. Imagine Dragons is a really cool band I don’t know many of their songs besides those that play on the radio but if the rest of their songs are that good I’ll definitely have to start listening to them more.

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