And so the Adventure Begins…

1. Visit Hampi ruins, India

I’ve been obsessed with travelling to India for a while now, but until I did some research about the country, I didn’t realize how many cool ruins there were. Obviously as an archaeology major I don’t think anything is more exciting than a good ruins sites, but I really love visiting sites that I know nothing about. When I go to archaeological sites that I know nothing about, it’s really cool to be able to learn about an ancient culture and people while actually in the place. Hopefully one day I will be able to go to India and be immersed in the culture but also learn a lot about the history.

2. Take the Orient express

One of my favorite books is The Murder on the Orient Express. It is such a thrilling booking that keeps you guessing the entire time, as to who the murderer is. But what I really didn’t realize when I was reading the book, was the Orient Express is a real train and you can still ride it today. There are two reasons I want to ride it. One because it would be fun to ride the train that a book I love is based on, another reason is the train has stops all over Europe, so it would be able to take me to many countries in Europe that I want to visit.

3. Amazon Rainforest Sky Walk

I’ve always thought it would be really amazing to go to the Amazon Rainforest. Though the idea kind of freaks me out at the same time because the rainforest is home to the two things I hate most, snakes, and tarantulas. However I think it would be really awesome to see the Amazon from the sky. In a lot of rainforests, they offer these sky walk tours, where they use suspension bridges so that you can view the forest from the tree canopy. I think that would be so cool to be so high up in the trees, it would be like seeing the rainforest from the point of view of a monkey.

4. View one of the Olympics firsthand

I love watching the Olympics, but how awesome would it be to actually go and watch the Olympics in person rather than on TV. I don’t know if I would rather attend a winter or a summer games, but I would probably go to summer because I like more of the summer events. Some of my favorite events to watch, but winter and summer, are figure skating, sailing, rowing, skiing, gymnastics, track and field, and beach volleyball.

5. Hike to the base camp of Mt. Everest

I love to hike and backpack, but I am not a mountain climber and never will be. So, I don’t want to climb Mt. Everest, I know I would never make it, but I do think it would be fun to hike to the base camp. Actually a friend of mine just did and volunteered at an orphanage in Nepal and said it was a truly amazing experience. I have always wanted to travel to Nepal, and I feel like if I am there I need to at least see and hike part of Mt. Everest. Besides it would be cool to say I was at least on Mt. Everest.

There are so many things that I want to do in my life, these are just a select few and more memorable ones. I can’t wait until I really get the chance to start travelling and making amazing memories and meeting amazing people while enjoying each countries’ culture!

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Travel, Travel, Travel

1. Learn to flamenco dance

This is kind of similar to another one of my bucket list items to learn how to hula dance. I’m pretty awful at dancing, I have no grace what so ever. But I think dancing is really fun and I love the idea that a dance can mean so much to  a culture. Flamenco dancing I think looks especially beautiful and fun to learn. Learning to dance in the traditional style is just another way to immerse yourself in the culture, and what is more fun then dancing with new friends?

2. Snorkel with whale sharks

As you can probably already see I love everything that has to do with water. Water skiing, sailing, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, you name it and I want to do it. Whale sharks seem like one of the most majestic animals in the entire ocean. They are so large, however they are really quite gentle. People assume that because they have the word shark in their name that they are scary and vicious, but that is very untrue. To be so close to such a large whale would be mind blowing, and so much fun. I can’t imagine anything more magnificent.

3. Swing on the edge of the world

I am sure if you are like me, as a child on of your favorite things was swinging. I used to love the feeling, like you were flying through the air and nothing was holding you too the ground. Well, who said you couldn’t kick up the excitement level of swinging a few notches. In Ecuador there is a swing that is situated on the edge of the cliff. When you swing, you literally swing out over the abyss and open air, how terrifying, yet exhilarating. As a kid I always loved to close my eyes and pretend I was actually miles above the ground way up in the sky, but on this swing you don’t have to pretend to be high above the ground. I don’t think I’ll be testing my bravery to see from how high I can jump though, haha.

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Let’s Do Something Crazy

1. Windsurfing

Whenever I go to the beach I see people windsurfing, and I’ve been wanting to try it out. I think it looks pretty difficult to do, but a lot of fun.  Since I sail maybe I would understand the whole using the wind in order to move, it’s probably a lot lie using a sail when sailing. I always see people doing tricks but I don’t think I would get good enough to do that. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to do this once in my life.

2. Go to an Imagine Dragons Concert

I love the band Imagine Dragons, I think their music is so good and I know every song. I really want to see them perform live, but I haven’t had the chance yet. If I went to one of their concerts, it would only be the second concert I’ve ever been to so that would be pretty cool. I’m really hoping that they come to Philadelphia soon and hopefully I can convince my friends to go with me.

3. Rappel down a waterfall

So, I really like rock climbing, but I think my favorite part is rappelling down. When I was in Costa Rica, I really wanted to rappel down a waterfall, but I didn’t get the chance. I think it is so much to let yourself go down and its nice because it’s something you have control over, rather than just a straight drop. If I have the chance, when I’m near a waterfall, I’ll defiantly try it out.

4. Touch an elephant

I don’t know why but I have always been fascinated by elephants, maybe it’s just their sheer size or the fact that they are so cute. I know in a lot of countries they have elephant rescue centers where you can help give them a bath or feed them. I’ve seen pictures of people using really long brooms to wash an elephant, it looks like so much fun! It would be so cool to just be so close to such a enormous animal. Besides I’ve always wondered what an elephant’s skin feels like.

5. Witness Carnival in Rio de Janiero

Carnival is a very important celebration in Brazil, and they really go all out. So many people come just to see the celebration. I think it would be really awesome to see what Carnival is all about and witness it first hand. Plus I really want to visit Brazil, so if I went for Carnival then I could stay and see the rest of the country.

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Time for Adventure

1. Go Shark Cage diving

Over spring break I was watching Jaws and I was thinking about how scared of great white sharks I am but how cool it would be to go shark cage diving. I know in South Africa this is a very popular thing to do I think I would like to try it out, who knows maybe I won’t think sharks are scary anymore. This would be one thing that would really put me outside my comfort zone I think I would probably cry before I went into the cage but it’s defiantly something I still want to try doing.

2. Learn to Hula Dance

I think it would be really awesome to be taught to hula dance, and not just some swaying of the hips but real hula dancing like the native Hawaiians learn to do. I’m pretty awful at dancing, so I don’t know how well it would go but it would be fun to give it my best shot. Besides who doesn’t want to put on a grass skirt and dance. Hopefully after this lesson I would have a little more rhythm and grace, but I think that’s just wishful thinking.

3. Go Sand boarding

In many middle eastern countries, where there are deserts full of giant hills made of sand, you go snowboarding on the sand dunes. I ski so I think I it would be really awesome to try snowboarding on the sand in the desert rather than on snow, just a little change of scenery. I want to try as many different things as possible in my life so to try a sport usually made for snow on sand would be a really cool experience.

4. See an Opera in Paris

I’m not much of an opera kind of person but I would be kind of cool to experience my first opera in a city like Paris. I don’t know how much I would enjoy it or if I’ll even know what’s going on but I figure I can’t go through life never having seen an opera. Maybe I’ll even come to love opera.

5. Learn to Make Pasta

When traveling I think one of the most important aspects of culture is the local food. Now I personally love pasta, every type, so it would be really fun I think to be taught by a local Italian how to make pasta from scratch. I know it’s a long and tedious process but I think afterwards it would taste even more delicious and I would come to have even more of an appreciation for pasta and the art that goes into making fresh. Hopefully I’ll get even more helpful cooking tips.

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I Want Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere

I watched Beauty and The Beast recently and something Belle said stuck out to me this time, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.” So here are a few more adventures I want to have.

1. Bungee Jumping, Western Cape, South Africa

In the center of South Africa is the Bloukrans Bridge, one of the highest commercial bridges in the world, and also one of the most popular places to bungee jump. I wouldn’t say I am an adrenaline junkie, I don’t like to jump off things or do dangerous things for the hell of it, but I do I like to do crazy things sometimes. I watched a video a couple years ago of some guy jumping off the Bloukrans Bridge and I thought it looked like the coolest thing, ever since then I have wanted to jump off. Bungee jumping just seems so freeing and exhilarating. Like you are putting your faith in something other than yourself. And just jumping and once you jump you can’t ever look back, you can only look down.

2. Hike Patagonia, Chile

One of my favorite things is hiking and on my bucket list is to hike some of the most amazing trails in the world. This bucket list wish is one actually my brother and I share. I think I began to love hiking and camping so much because of him. Patagonia is located in the southern tip of South America in both Chile and Argentina. I have read that the part Patagonia section located in Argentina is mostly desert, so I want to travel to the Chile part. In Chile the water is supposedly green and huge glaciers tower above the water. Patagonia is supposedly one of the only places that still looks untouched.

3. Floating Lantern Festival, Thailand

In Thailand a festival is held called Lanna Yi Peng, which is held on a full moon of the 2nd month of the Lanna calendar. I saw a picture of this festival in a magazine when I was in 2nd grade and ever since then I have wanted to go. In many areas of Asia a similar festival is performed, for some the lantern represents letting go of their old self for the new year. I think in second grade I was so fascinated with the idea of thousands of people coming together to let lanterns full of light up into the night sky; and that fascination has not left me yet.

4. Learn to surf, Australia or Hawaii (?)

Since I was a kid it has been a dream of mine to surf. To bedroom used to be surfboard themed, however in the end I never was able to learn. One of my friends has a surfboard and one summer I tried it out and I loved it. I hope one day I’ll be able to fulfill my dream and try surfing for real. Surfing seems like such an awesome sport, and since I love all water sports, it seems perfect.

5. Visit Victoria Falls, Zambia (and sit on the edge of the falls)

Victoria Falls in Zambia is considered the largest waterfall in the world. The sight of the all that water tumbling over the edge must be breathe-taking. Now let me explain why I want to sit on the edge of the waterfall, it’s not as crazy as it seems. At the top of the falls is located the Devil’s pool. During certain times of the year, when the water is lower and current slower, a natural rock barrier forms. This allows brave swimmers to swim out and sit in the Devil’s pool, literally inches away from the edge of the falls. Amazing! Right? Literally sitting at the edge of a giant cliff, but within a safe distance.

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Israel here I come!

So, I received some really exciting news on Monday that I have been accepted to the Tel Akko Archaeological Field School. I am so excited and blessed that I have this opportunity and can’t wait for the summer to come in order to finally travel to Tel Akko. Since I am so excited for my time in Israel this summer I have decided to look at some things I want to do while there.

1. Visit the Church of the Nativity

A basilica built in Bethlehem considered to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ. As a Catholic and having attended Catholic school my entire life, I have learned about Jesus and his life through all my years in school. It would be really amazing to finally see the place where Jesus was said to be born. It’s cool to visit there not only from a religious stand point, but also a history view.

2. Become friends with some locals

On this trip I not only want to make connections with other people on the program, but I would also like to form relationships with some Tel Akko locals. My favorite part of travelling is meeting people and learning about them and their way of life. I hope that by living in Tel Akko for a month I will be able to learn more about the area but also the people who live there. If I become friends with locals, they will be able to share with me the best parts of Tel Akko and hsow me their way of life. It would be so mazing to say I have some friends back in Israel.

3. Tour Jerusalem

I’m not sure I really need to specify why I want to go to Jerusalem because the city is so rich in culture and history. I think I am most excited to visit the Old City and just walk along the streets and take everything in. There is so many sites packed into this one city, I don’t know how I’ll get through all of it, but I am excited to immerse myself into such a rich city.

4. Try new foods

I love trying new foods, no matter how “strange” it may seem to us. I can’t wait to try all different kinds of things and find new foods that I love. Eating new foods is just another way of immersing yourself into the culture and I can’t wait to eat all kinds of tasty things!

5. Make amazing memories

I am beyond excited to travel to Israel and have this opportunity to actually work on an archaeological dig. I want to make memories that I will always remember. I am going to be open to everything, food, people, and places. I am going to take advantage of very moment I am there to really embrace the culture and do as much exploring as I can.

I hope you all have some awesome summer plans, if you do, comment below, I would love to hear!

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I want to see..the Middle East

I applied to go on a study abroad trip this summer to Israel, so I have been a little obsessed with the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern places lately. I have seen and researched so many different places in this part of the world. Here are my top five (at this moment):

1. Petra, Jordan

My mom and I have been saying or a while now that our dream is to go to Petra in Jordan. A city built into the cliffs, an amazing archaeological site that has drawn my mom and my attention for a while. Petra is also called the Rose City because of the beautiful colored stone used. Supposedly the best time to see Petra is as the sun rises over the cliffs. Luckily for my mom and I, it may not be long until we visit our dream destination. If I do attend the archaeological field school I applied for this summer, then my mom will come at the end o the program and we will travel to Petra. I can’t wait till I have the opportunity to visit the ancient city that has fascinated my mom and I for years.

2. Ride a Camel, Egypt(?)

This one is cliché, and trust me I know that, but a girl has to have a few cliché travel hopes. What is cooler than traveling across a desert on the back of camel? Ever since I was little I thought it would be really cool to travel like the traditional inhabitants of deserts have for centuries. Besides who doesn’t want to ride a mean spitting machine?

3. Abu Simbel Temple, Egypt

When I was kid I used to pretend I was an Egyptian princess, I was obsessed with all things Egyptian. Things haven’t really changed, but rather than being obsessed with being a princess, my focus is more on the amazing archaeological ruins. I really wanted to do a archaeological dig in Egypt, but with the conditions right now, I figured I had to wait a bit. Of course this is not he only thing I want to see in Egypt, obviously I want to see the pyramids, and Luxor Palace, valley of the Kings, Valley of the queens, and so much more. If I go to Egypt, SCUBA diving is also really good there.

4. Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Istanbul has also been a source of my fascination. I think that city would be so amazing, especially since it is such a cultural cross road. The Hagia Sophia is supposedly one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture ever, an every time you walk in your breathe is taken away once again. I think the culture in Istanbul would be so amazing to experience and huge eye opener for me for a totally different way of life.

5. Masada, Israel

I’ll end with one thing I want to o in Israel since I may have the chance this summer. Masada a huge fortress, and a place of heroics for the Israeli people. The story says that the inhabitants committed mass suicide rather then surrender to the Romans. The site is supposed to be very beautiful, situated on top of a rock plateau. Masada is a huge archaeological site that I would love to explore.

As you can see I have a lot obsessions, especially archaeology, that will hopefully lead me to all these places and much more. Comment below an tell me some of the places you’ve been dreaming of going for a long time!

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Bucket List: The Beginning

There are so many things I want to do and so many places I want to see. Every week I am going to post 5 things that are on my bucket list. They won’t be in any particular order to things I discovered and have decided I will do at some point in my life.

1. Go to the Holi Festival in India

One of my dream locations to travel to right now is India. My favorite part about travelling is going somewhere that has a completely different culture from our own. India has been somewhere I have wanted to go to for a long time and there is so much I want to do there. Recently I read about this festival though and thought it would be really fun and eye opening to attend this festival. With a little research I learned a little bit more about this awesome experience. Holi is a spring festival and is also known as the festival of colors or love. It is a Hindu festival, but in recent years it has become popular with many people throughout South Asia. Holi begins with a bonfire the night before and the next day brings a day full of color, literally. People chase each other through the streets and throw colored dye at one another and others carry toy water guns. The festival is a national holiday in India and signifies the victory of good over evil and the beginning of spring and end of winter. I hope that when I do have a chance to travel to India, my travel plans correspond with the timing of this festival. I think that this festival looks like a beautiful and cultural event which would be amazing to be a part of.

2. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Ever since I was a kid I have been dreaming of going to Africa. At first it was because I loved “Lion King” and wanted to see Simba and all his animal friends, but as I grew older I began to appreciate a whole lot more that Africa had to offer. I almost went to Africa two summers ago, but eventually decided that group I was going to travel with wasn’t the right fit for me, so ever since then I have been trying to figure out a way to get there. When I was in Peru I participated in the Lares trek which allowed me to climb high into the Andes mountains, while on the trip my guide told me I should try climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. I thought it was a fantastic idea and has been obsessed with the idea since. However if I go to Tanzania I also want to interact with the local people and learn about their culture. Hopefully one day I will be able to reach the summit of this mountain.

3. SCUBA Dive at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

As a lover of SCUBA diving, the Great Barrier Reef is a dream location for diving. It looks like such an amazing place to dive in, all the bright colors and different fish. I will admit I am a little scared of the idea of sharks, but I won’t let that fear stop me from diving here. I really want to gain more experience SCUBA diving and what could be more amazing then diving in one of the largest reefs in the world?

4. Visit Delphi, Greece

As a Classics and Ancient Mediterranean major I am most interested in Roman and Greek history. So far I have only been to Ancient Roman ruins so I really hope to get to Greece soon. I actually was just learning about Delphi in my classical mythology class today and when my professor pulled up pictures my desire to go grew even more. Delphi is an amazing location in Greece, it held so much importance to the ancient Greeks and was an important cultic center in the world. As an archaeologist major I love all and every ruin so travelling to these ruins would be amazing.

5. Skydive, anywhere

My younger cousin and I were always the daredevils and adventurous ones in the family. Ever since we were kids we have been saying we are going to go skydiving together. We have always been obsessed with the idea of falling through the sky and allowing every fear to be there but jumping out of that plane anyway. I love doing anything that is new, exciting, and even uncomfortable. I believe life isn’t supposed to be comfortable, but rather an adventure that puts outside our comfort zone each time, because each time we step, (or jump) out of our comfort zone we grow a little more. I can’t wait until my cousin is old enough and we can finally fulfill our childhood dream together.

These are just a few of my bucket list items. Where do you want to go? What kind of crazy things do you want to do?

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Last Days in Lima

Today is Peru’s Independence Day! I had to wake up really early in order to get a shower. The building Nelly’s parents live in only gets water in the morning, and the rest of the day you cross your fingers and hope that you can turn the sink on or flush the toilet. After I had showered we eat breakfast and Nelly’s dad and Marcelo head to the parade grounds early to get a spot. A little later Nelly, Flavia, and I go and try to find them so we can take Marcelo with us to see the catacombs. The streets are crazy filled with people going to see the parade and venders selling Peruvian flags, candy, chips, eggs, etc. We can’t find Marcelo and Nelly’s dad so we decide we will just stay and watch the parade for a while. We wait and wait but the parade is running two hours late, so we leave and take Flavia back home. Nelly and I go the Museo San Francisco.2012 241 We take a tour of the monastery and they tell us to pray to St. Angelo for boyfriends, so Nelly and I pray extra hard. Then we go down into the catacombs. While we are down there, we feel the ground shake a little and the guide tells us there is a little earthquake. No big deal I’m just a couple of feet underground in an enclosed mass tomb and the ground is shaking, no biggie. The catacombs were really cool and creepy, Nelly was terrified which was really funny. When we come out of the catacombs there is a painting of the last supper and Jesus and his disciples are eating guinea pig. The tour guide tells us we should try to eat guinea pig while here, and I said I had already eaten, and Nelly proceeded to say “yeah, you ate yesterday!” So that “beef” I had the other day, hadn’t been beef at all but really guinea pig which Nelly had failed to mention. So I was able to have guinea pig for a second time, without even knowing it, yay me! We went back to the apartment for lunch, and while we were eating the president’s car drove by. After we rested for an hour we went to a little amusement park with Flavia and Marcelo. I rode the bumper cars and “double shot”, really it was more of a frog hop, to appease Flavia and Marcelo. Then we went and played some arcade games and here comes my best story from my entire trip in Peru. This was the day I was almost bought as a sex slave. Flavia was playing a little bowling game and we were all crowded around her cheering her on. A creepy old guy walked up to me and began to speak in Spanish. I was able to pick up a few words like “I’ll buy you for a night” and I heard some numbers, but I missed exactly how much he was willing to pay(I am kind of bummed I want to know how much he would have paid for me). Anyway Nelly tried to tell him no and send him away, but he grabbed my arm and started saying lots of things in Spanish and talking so quickly I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. I was terrified though, this creepy was trying to pull me away from Nelly. Nelly started yelling at him a bit and he finally back off. After he left, I looked to Nelly for an explanation, I thought I might be mistaken, maybe this weirdo didn’t really want to buy me. But no Nelly confirmed what I had heard that this man had been willing to buy me for what he said would be a “fun night”. So that’s how I almost was bought as a sex slave. Let me tell you it’s a great fun fact to whip out.

The next day we slept in for a while and then Nelly and I headed to the market to get fruit and vegetables. We bought some really cool (and tasty) fruit that I had never seen before. Once we 2012 260picked up Flavia and Marcelo from the house, we headed to the plaza de armas in order to watch the guard change. The guard did a cool little march and played music. Then because Flavia insisted we took a carriage ride around the plaza. On the way back to the apartment for lunch Flavia threw such a big tantrum for toys that people on the street were yelling 2012 296at her to shut up. To finally get her to stop screaming we bought churros. When we ate lunch Nelly kept just saying “meat” and since she said the day before I had to try bunny I am pretty sure I ate a rabbit. Wouldn’t be the first time she has tricked me into eating something weird. After siesta we go to the cathedral of Lima. Next to the cathedral was the house of the archbishops. End the night by playing catch with Flavia and Marcelo.

My last day in Lima! We head to the coast to peru 2059visit a fort. You could see the Pacific which was cool because I had never seen that ocean. We climbed all through the fort and our guide told us it is haunted. After we explored the fort we went back into Lima and went shopping.



peru 2060

Once we went back to the apartment I packed all my luggage and Nelly’s mom braided my hair in the traditional Peruvian fashion. She also gave me really pretty earrings. I said my good-byes and thanked Nelly’s parents for their hospitality.


191761_10151054820672406_548569812_oNelly’s dad took me to the airport because Nelly had to leave for work. The plane ride was long and I was just happy when I landed. When I came out of security and immigration I was so happy to see my mom waiting for me. I hugged her and the first words that came out of my mouth was, “I almost got bought as a sex slave!” Probably not the best thing to say after being away from her for sixteen days in a foreign country…needless to say she wasn’t amused. I loved Peru so much, especially Cusco, the Andes mountains, and of course Machu Picchu. The culture was so different from everything I have ever known and I loved it. I will definitely return to Peru in the future. And once I came home my mom gave me the best news, one of Au Pairs was getting married the following year in Italy…and of course we couldn’t miss that! Ciao!

Adventures Through Lima

To continue my adventure through Lima, we headed out into the city for another day of 2012 198sightseeing. Nelly, her nephew, Marcelo, and I went to our first stop, a museum that held very abstract paintings of the jungle.  We had fun looking at the paintings and trying to see what different kinds of things we could find hidden within in the paintings. Then we headed to what is considered the prettiest of all the churches in Lima, and trust me, I felt like I had already seen every church in the entire city. Outside the church these women were selling hard boiled eggs, but they were much smaller than chicken eggs. Nelly bought some of them and told me to eat one because she said they were really healthy. I don’t know what kind of bird egg I was eating but it was pretty good and just tasted like our normal eggs.  After wandering through the church for a while, we went to Lima’s Chinatown. In Chinatown we got ice cream to eat, because in Peru you never stop eating, from the time you get up till you go to sleep, there is always food. After our second snack of the day we went to San Domingo 2012 206Church (yep another church). This church was a little different because there was an attached museum. They took us up into the choir balcony of the church and they said the next part of the tour was to climb the bell tower. We were really excited to go up, but then the tour guide said Marcelo and I couldn’t go up, we had to be eighteen. Excuse me, I have to be eighteen to climb up some steps? So Marcelo and I waited while Nelly went up, but then Nelly came running back down the stairs and told us to hurry and we would be able to go up while the tour guide wasn’t looking. So we got to go up to the next level and see2012 221 the city, but we weren’t able to go to the highest level because the tour guide was coming back down so we ran back down the stairs before we got caught. We went back to the apartment for lunch and ate potatoes and what I thought was beef, but I’ll come back to that later.


After rest time we head back out with Nelly’s daughter and her sister. We went to the Parque de la Reserva which was a kind of park with lots of water fountains. The park is really cool and Flavia loved it. There was a game that was a 2012 226fountain that shot water out at different places and at different times. The point was to get to the middle without getting soaked. I managed to get to the center completely dry, but getting back out of the circle one of my legs got soaked. Marcelo definitely lost because he was completely soaked. Once it turns dark there is a show. Before the show starts we get picarones, fried dough drizzled with honey. The one fountain shoots out mist and then pictures are projected onto it. After the water fountain park, we head back to eat dinner and sleep.

2012 224     2012 231


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