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1. See the Northern Lights

My best friend and I in sixth grade were obsessed with seeing the northern lights. Sometimes you look at the pictures and you can’t believe that these colors light up the night sky like this. I want to be able to experience this natural phenomenon in real life and in person. My family and I have wanted to travel to Alaska for a while so hopefully I would be able to go one day and see the sky lite up with beautiful colors

2. Jump of a cliff

I love in the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 when they all meet up in Greece and they all jump off this cliff together into the ocean. It looks like it would be so much and exhilarating and I want to try it out. When I went white water rafting in West Virginia I jumped off this big rock into the river, but now I want to take it to the next level and jump Sisterhood of the traveling pants style!

3. Hold/hug a kola bear

This one is kind of stupid but I once read this book called The Lost Girls and it was all about these three best friends who dropped everything, their boyfriends, jobs, everything to travel the world for a year. While they were travelling in Australia they had the opportunity to hold a kola bear. I remember they described the experience as getting a really awesome hug. How awesome? I want to get a hug from a kola bear!!

4. Travel to every continent

My goal is to reach every continent in the world through my travels. I want to reach at least one country on every continent. Every continent offers such a different lifestyle and different environment it would be cool to say that I have been able to witness literally every part of the world.

5. Visit all 50 states

Sometime I focus so much on going outside the country I don’t think about how cool our own country is. I want to visit every state so I can say I have seen all of America. America has so many different places and things to offer I want to explore the country I live in so


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The Journey of 1,000 Miles

1. Visit Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Another archaeological ruin. If you can’t tell by now I want to see as many archaeological sites as possible. Angkor Wat is in Cambodia and looks absolutely majestic. The site is one of the most important in all of South-Asia. The site shows what a high level society was once there. The entire archaeological site is very large and some parts are even inhabited. I have read that the specific temple in the picture is the most beautiful at sunset. This is another place my mom and I both want to travel to, so hopefully one day we will get the chance to visit this archaeological site together.

2. Go skiing in the Alps

I love skiing, my family and I have been skiers for as long as I can remember. The Alps are said to be some of the best mountains to ski in the world, so I would really like to try them out. The best part of skiing is when you are about to ski down a really big, steep mountain and your heart is pounding and adrenaline is rushing. Then once you make it down you can’t believe you didn’t fall and you feel so proud. Trying skiing in another country would be a really cool experience.

3. Go on a road trip through U.S.

This has been something I have been wanting to do for a while now. I really want to grab some friends one summer, jump in a car, and drive across the U.S. I don’t know all the places I would want to visit, but we would definitely start on the east coast somewhere and drive across the country, the end stop would be California. I would want to stop at as many National parks as possible. One place I would definitely would want to see is Mount Rushmore. Just to name a few parks I would visit: Sequoia, Arches, Badlands, Mt. Rainier, Bryce Canyon, Joshua Tree, Glacier Park, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Olympic, and Grand Teton. Travelling on the road with some of my best friends would be so much fun and a once in a lifetime adventure.

4. Go on a one (or couple) month long service trip

Ever since I was a kid I have wanted to work on a service project for a month or two in another country. I think I would want to volunteer at an orphanage or maybe teach English in a school. I truly believe this experience would be life changing and so much. I would be able to absorb so much of the culture and I would be able to give back. I don’t know where I would want to travel to but somewhere maybe in Africa or Central and South America. I hope through my service I would actually be able to help someone and make an impact on their life.

5. Live on a sailboat for a while

I absolutely love sailing so I think it would be really cool to live on a sailboat for awhile. I think it would be really awesome to sail either in the Greek Islands or maybe the Caribbean. Being on a sailboat for awhile, I would be able to practice my sailing skills and become more experienced. It would definitely have to be a sailboat because I don’t think motorboats are as much fun. Sailing you actually have to be skilled and know how to read the wind and work the sails. Being able to live on the ocean for that long would be so cool!

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Water: A Woman’s Problem

Though many areas of the world feel the impact of lack of clean water and sanitation, the people most effected by this are women. It may seem crazy to say women are most effected by lack of water, when millions of children and people (both male and female) die from diarrheal diseases everyday, however women DO feel the plight of water deprivation the worst.

From a young age, one of the main tasks of many girls in developing countries is fetching water. A woman’s job is to manage the family and provide for them and that means providing water. In many families, the mother hands over the task of water collecting to the daughter. For us this is a confusing concept and a task that has no place in our world, however in hundreds of countries the job is important and must be done. Girls spend on average six hours every day walking to and from water sources just so their family may have water for the day (WaterAid UK). The task is arduous and for many communities, the water source is located many miles away(WaterAid UK). Not only is the trip to water long and time consuming, but it can also be dangerous. Girls are stuck in this cycle of carrying water every day until they have their own daughters to send. These six hours spent every day collecting water, is six hours that these girls are not in school. Since water needs to be collected everyday, this means many girls do not have time to attend school. Without an education, no girl can ever truly have a hope of rising out poverty and making a better life for herself.

Another problem that causes thousands of girls to drop out of school is lack of sanitation. Because there is no sanitation, many girls do not attend school when they are menstruating because the schools lack separate bathrooms, hand washing facilities, and places to dispose of sanitary napkins (WaterAid UK). This causes the girls to fall behind by a substantial amount in their studies because they miss school for an entire week every month. If girls fall behind in school, and eventually drop out, their future will most likely be continued to be lived in poverty. However, if a girl receives even a few years of education, they will most likely have smaller, healthier, better educated families who will be more likely to work their way out of poverty (WaterAid UK).

If thousands are girls are unable to attend school because they either spend all day walking miles in order to collect water or because they are menstruating, then as women they are less likely to have a successful livelihood. If this many women are unable to contribute to their community positively this keeps their community in poverty and therefore the entire country suffers (WaterAid UK).  Women not having the capacity to be educated and make a career for themselves means that a country’s economy is not able to prosper and keeps the entire country  in poverty and continues the cycle of poverty and lack of water and sanitation.

Another problem that lack of water causes for women that I had never thought of is how dangerous it is for many women to use the bathroom. Many places lack private bathrooms which causes women to be too modest or embarrassed to use the bathroom during the day (WaterAid UK). This causes many women to not eat or drink all day until night when they can use the toilet in the cover of night (WaterAid UK). However, many women are attacked at night when going to use the bathroom. Many women are sexually assaulted, raped, and even killed (WaterAid UK). Many women risk getting raped just in order to use the toilet (Gosling). “The violence women can suffer over the simple right to go to the toilet is unacceptable. Simple, sustainable improvements can make a world of difference in supporting women to claim this most basic human right,” said Neeraj Jain, Chief Executive of WaterAid India (Gosling).

Though lack of clean water and sanitation is a huge problem in many countries, water is truly a woman’s problem. It is unbelievably sad how much a woman’s life is effected because she lacks the ability to access water, something we take advantage of every day. That women lose out on education and are even put in danger in order to use the toilet is horrendous. If more women were better able to access water and sanitation, many countries, I believe, would be able to pull themselves out of poverty and their economies would grow because of the introduction of women into careers.

“You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women.” Jawaharal Nehru.

Here is a great video that outlines the problems women face everyday because of the lack of clean water and also shows some things the organization WaterAid UK is doing in order to find solutions.

video: http://www.wateraid.org/uk/what-we-do/the-crisis/women#/education


Gosling, Louisa. “WaterAid – Risking Rape to Reach a Toilet in India’s Slums.” WaterAid – News and Media. WaterAid UK-Water Charity, n.d. Web. 06 Mar. 2014. <http://www.wateraid.org/news/news/risking-rape-to-reach-a-toilet-in-india-slums>.

“WaterAid UK- The Crisis – Women.” WaterAid UK -The Crisis – Women. WaterAid UK, n.d. Web. 06 Mar. 2014. <http://www.wateraid.org/uk/what-we-do/the-crisis/women#/u8P636QQ8kE>.

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“This I believe”, Passion Blog, and Civic Issue Blog Ideas

For “This I believe”, one of my ideas is my belief that the unknown is beautiful. When I was a kid I wasn’t really afraid of the normal things like monsters, I was always afraid of the unknown, the things I couldn’t see or know. For a long time this was my biggest fear, but once I went SCUBA diving I finally got over this fear. It was like an awakening, I realized that it was okay to not know what was going to happen or what came next. That the unknown is unexpected, and the unexpected moments in life, the moments we never see coming are the most beautiful and sometimes most meaningful. A second belief of mine is being well read. My whole life I have been a reader. When I was young I was the kid who brought a book out to recess, read in the car, and any other free moment. I feel that my background in reading has really helped me in life and I think everyone should have a good foundation in reading. Both of these are very personal to me and be interesting to think about.


For my civic issue blog, one idea is to write about lack of clean water in other countries. In America, we take for granted clean water, but in other countries people have to walk miles just to get water and it’s not even clean. Water is the most important resource, and though we don’t think about it very often, we really ought to. Another idea is about America’s education system versus other countries. How does our education compare to other countries? Are we even on the same level? and what is our government trying to do to fix this issue?


For my passion blog I want to stick with a travel idea. I think I want to do a bucket list blog, different places to go and things to do. I want to be able to share all the different places I hope to go and things I want to do. I might even do a bucket list for college students or just a regular bucket list. Another idea is to blog about archaeology. I am an archaeology major so I find archaeology fascinating. I could write about archaeological sites I want to go to and maybe research some new archaeological finds.

Unit 3 Ideas

The Princess Effect

In an age where our society is so concentrated on beauty, young girls are trying to live up to unrealistic standards. The problem isn’t even the ultra chic celebrities who grace the red carpet, but rather the role models girls have been looking up to for years: Disney princesses. The original princesses created by Disney were unrealistically pretty and “perfect”, no wonder more and more young girls are becoming victim of eating disorders and bad self-image in general. However in the past years, Disney has been trying to remedy this problem. Recent princess movies that have been released show more realistic princess that girls are better able to identify with. The princesses have also become more diverse, with the first African-American princess just recently being welcomed into the Disney family. The princesses have also taken on stronger characters as seen in “Brave”. Disney has begun to steer away from princesses who sit and wait for their princes to come, but instead go out into the world. This shows girls that they only go far in life if they work for it. Also for years young girls, even toddlers, have been looking up to young women, however recently Disney has introduced a new TV series featuring Sofia the First. Sofia is a young princess who is better able to relate to little girls. On the show Sofia even deals with “normal” problems such as trouble with friends and fitting in, which has never before been seen. Disney has definitely had a hand in creating the unrealistic images young girls look up to, however Disney is now trying to shift and create princesses that are actually good role models for girls.

I Am Not a Number

Recently students have become stressed with trying to achieve “perfect” numbers. Colleges have begun to stress the importance of achieving high scores on SATs as well as having high GPAs throughout high school. Many times these numbers have been looked at as more important instead of the whole character. This has changed our society so that students don’t work on their entire self but rather just focuses on receiving high scores especially on standardized tests. Students focus more on their numbers, rather than their character. This change of focus within education has also opened up a whole new market for making money. Companies like CollegeBoard now make millions on dollars because every student in America must take the SATs or ACTs in order to apply to college. Must students also do not just take the test once but two or three times in order to reach these high standards of scores. The market for standardized test prep has also had a boom with most students taking a class in order to prepare for the SATs. Because of the stress on standardized tests, students seem to think that colleges no longer care about them as a person but rather as a number based on SAT scores and GPAs.


I thought this TED Talk was fascinating. The lady spoke of how her husband was diagnosed with cancer and was told he would only live a couple weeks. However he lived, she began to feel that he would never die, that he would be able to fight off the cancer every time. And he did, for a time, but eventually he did die. She said that she never got to say good-bye to her husband because neither of them ever believed it was the end, they both still had hope that he would survive. She discussed how people always believe that they will survive or beat whatever they are fighting. She said that the experts would call this denial, everyone dies, but she argues that it’s not denial but hope. She said hope is such a strong emotion that every human feels at one point or another, however we really don’t know how to accommodate hope in our lives. I really liked how she talked about how dying is seen as a failure and only fighting and beating death is a victory, however she tries to show it is just as much of a victory to know when your time is up and retreat peacefully. I thought her topic was really fascinating and loved how she really showed the different sides of hope and denial. Watching her TED talk shows me ways in which I can look at topics in different ways and from different points of view. Also her speech was very engaging however she didn’t seem to be working very hard at all, I want to try to replicate her style in my own TED Talk.

High Ho, High Ho, It’s Up the Moutains We Go!

524328_391988864189858_1617323109_nToday was the day that we would begin the hike through the Andes Mountains. The hike we were going to do is called the Lares trek, we did this trail because the actual Inca trail is so crowded with tourists you don’t get the actual feel for the locals and scenery as well. When we reached where the trail started we met our crew who would be accompanying us on the hike. Our crew included about eightHighlands-20 native Peruvian men who would be leading the pack animals, leading us, cooking, and setting up camp for us. We were also accompanied by about fifteen donkeys that carried our bags and equipment and five horses who were our “ambulances”. And so we set out and the most exhausting part of our journey in Peru. We hiked for two hours up really steep sections. Breathing was difficult because of the high altitude we are at. We stopped for lunch in a little clearing. I am sure you are all thinking I am living the uncivilized life that comes along with hiking and camping, however we were living life like kings and queens. Lunch was set up in a giant tent that had a big table with chairs set up! I have never been camping before where there were tables and chairs. There was even a table cloth with silverware set up. For every meal we ate on the hike we had soup and an entrée. The food was always delicious, all home-made, traditional, Peruvian food. At the area we stopped for lunch at, there were a bunch of abandoned Incan ruins. It was so cool, especially because I am an archaeology nerd, we got to explore all the ruins climbing all over the place, it was amazing. After lunch we set off again and hiked for another hour till we reached the campsite we would be staying at for the night. The landscape is so gorgeous all the mountains and valleys are truly spectacular. Once we 527083_391990340856377_1411969142_nreached camp, our leaders told us that there was an optional hike to go see some other Incan ruins that were grown over with trees. My friend and I enthusiastically agreed to go. Let me tell you that hike was one of the hardest hikes I have ever done. The area was so steep and the trail was all pebbles, so every step forward you slipped back two steps. When we reached the top of the ridge we were climbing, the view was incredible. However, my leader pointed out the Incan ruins we were supposedly going to check out,  but they were all the way at the bottom of the valley! we weren’t even going to hike down to them we could just look at them from a thousand feet above. I was a little disappointed the view was still amazing. While on top of the ridge, the sun began to set and it began to get cold. As the sun went down even further it became freezing. I have never been as cold as I was on this hiking trip..EVER! Before dinner we had  snacks of crackers and hot coca and tea to help battle the near Artic temperatures. Before dinner was served we all huddled in the dining tent to try to stay warm together. We played cards, which was difficult since we were all wearing mittens. After we ate another fabulous meal, we went and all laid on the ground to look at the stars. I swear if you think you know what the stars look like, I promise you really don’t. I have never seen the sky look so beautiful it literally took my breathe away. That gorgeous night sky will forever be engraved in my memory. When went to bed I filled my metal water bottle with boiling water. To sleep the night I wore my hat, gloves, three pairs of socks, 3 pairs of pants, three shirts, two jackets, and put my bottle of boiling water in my sleeping bag to hug and give me warmth. It was a cold night to say the least.

482119_391994074189337_2113633173_n peru 2012 582

405540_391992574189487_242208573_nThe next day we ate breakfast, helped break down camp, and set off towards our next camp. Today was a really difficult hike and our guides kept saying “just up this hill and then lunch”, but in reality it was just one really long mountain. We stopped at a really pretty stream to eat snacks and some girls played some Frisbee. When we hike, the group splits into different sections depending on the speed you like to go. One group was really fast and pretty much ran to every campsite. One group was super slow and took forever to get peru 2012 615anywhere. My friend and I were neither really fast or slow so we became the middle group. It was just me and her most of the time by ourselves. We would take our time, really soaking up the views and taking tons of pictures. At one point we were hiking through a valley that was about a mile and half long, because the fast group was so far ahead and the slow group was so far behind, we were literally the only two people in the entire valley. It was amazing, I have never been somewhere where I have been so completely alone. It was an incredible feeling. Finally we could see our campsite up ahead and we were happy to be able to rest. Today there was another optional hike to a nearby lake. My friend and I were waiting for one of the other girls to go on this hike, so the group left without us, so we had to literally run up this steep mountain in order to catch up. The lake was incredible and we made sure to take lots of pictures. As we began the climb down, the temperature dropped a lot. This night was even colder then the last because we were up on a ridge so the wind blew making it even colder. That night my tent had three people instead of two so that we shared more body heat to keep warm. At this point or campsite is at 13,700 feet above sea level.

418822_392000500855361_489241826_n 293049_391995184189226_1493178562_n

Check back next week to hear more!

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