My Version of Happiness

Thinking about what makes you happy is not that difficult of a thing to do. Your mind jumps back and forth between memories, ideas or even experiences as normal as letting a peanut butter cup dissolve in your mouth. The hard part about writing a passion blog is finding the courage to put yourself out there; to say “this is me, and I want to share this with you.” So in this first post I invite you to read about the things that make me laugh and smile.

I’m going to start out by being completely honest here, but most of my day circles around my breakfast, lunch and dinner plans. Eating is more than just getting fuel for me. It is a moral booster, and a space to calm down and converse with the people I care about. Its the kind of sentiment that a grandmother intends family dinners to be like. Lets be real here, who doesn’t love the way stringy warm mozzarella sticks hug zesty tomato sauce. Or if that isn’t your cup of tea maybe a crunchy fried chicken wing cover in a vinegary and spicy buffalo sauce. But as I am far from home at this moment, what I crave most are 4 juicy “tacos al pastor” (the authentic Mexican taco . . . NOT Chipotle). The meat is the juiciest way of cooking pork; marinated in spices and cooked on a giant skewer with flames on one side as the “taquero” spins the meat like a top to cook it and serve the tacos. Once we pair this meat with fresh and crisp cilantro, onion and pineapple and drizzle some lime juice over the top, all that is left to do is enjoy.

Yes, its even better that it looks.

When I am not to busy thinking about food, its probably because I’m lying on the couch inmoble watching football. While you may not know many Mexican football fans (NOT soccer). I am a proud Steeler fan who probably has way to much of an opinion about every play call and decision the coaches make. I love the strategy, and trying to predict who will get the ball on 3rd and 7 or whether they are going to take a shot on 2nd and 1 or just get the first down. I am also defending champion of my fantasy football league so I am definitely more than a couch quarterback (yes, that’s a joke, it is okay to laugh).

Finally, as I have already exceed my word count it is time to wrap up with the thing that fills up the spaces in between. Music. Whether it be indie hip-hop or blue grass or even progressive tango, I find great pleasure in taking a moment to unplug, sit back, and listen. But I don’t like to limit myself only to the sound of music, I also like to comment on the choices lyricists and songwriter use, as I feel it enhances the musical experience. Yeah, it’s nerdy, but this is what you get when you have an English teacher for a mother.

As far as deciding what my passion blog will discuss, I think I am inclined mostly to write about music mostly because it fascinates me to hear what people have to say about why they like certain artists or what they think about certain lyrics. But a close second is to write about REAL Mexican food; because I have lived here in the USA for all of 2 weeks and have come to the conclusion that nobody knows the truth about Mexican food; and that in itself is a tragedy.

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