Pictures really are worth a thousand words.

For a writer like Addario pictures help enrich her text considerably, as she writes about experiences and places that most of us have never experienced. She writes about what is foreign to most, and therefore adding pictures is an essential supplement to her writing. I had previously written that Addario’s description usually allows the reader to imagine the scenes she describes effectively, however, adding images gives it an important dimension; reality. The pictures give the reader something to attach to when they read making the book more memorable and effective due to the way it appeals to emotion.

My one of my favorite images appear in part IV of the book. the first is on page 211, and is a picture of the British Consulate minutes after being attacked by a bomb. Two things catch my eye in this image. The first is the sense of chaos it transmits, and the atmosphere is hazy and ominous due to the shrapnel and dust the pollute the scene.  The effectiveness of this image is based on the fact that it so clearly captures the sentiment and the anxiety that most were probably feeling at that time. A struggle to remain composed while simultaneously attempting to escape from the rubble and destruction of the bomb. .Once again I point out that as in general it is safe to assume that the audience has not experienced such an event, that images are even more impactful as they highlight the emotions of a circumstance that they have not lived through.

The other image I am writing about appears in on page 147 of the book. It depicts what seems to be the silhouette of a woman in what appears to be a chador walking amongst the baron landscape with the aftermath of war to her left. What astonishes me about this image is the fact that it was so powerful in demonstrating the devastation war can bring to a community. It really speaks to man’s capability for destruction.

For my blog writing I think I can learn many thing from Addario. The first is that images and media can aid in creating a more effective post as images can appeal directly to the audiences emotions and in some cases logic to help more effectively transmit the intended message. In addition I think it helps add a dimension of familiarity and knowledge that the reader cannot usually obtain on their own. In my blog, I can use media to help inform the reader more effectively and hopefully create a clearer image of the emotions I am trying to communicate.

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