Ted Talk: Is Rap the New Poetry?

My paradigm shift, as clarified in the previous post is analyzing the how Americans have shifted their taste in music from Rock to Hip-Hop. On a similar track, I would like to give my TED talk based on an idea that I like to play with, the fact that rap lyrics are similar to poetry. I think that this talk will be interesting as it will allow the viewers to be able to think about not only rap music, but all song lyrics as poetry, a fact that we commonly disregard. Additionally, it will help show that many of these artists have a greater social awareness and artistic vision than what they commonly get credit for, as they are seen as gang members who are just trying to make fun music and make some money. Below is the outline I will use:


  • Poetry as we know it has died, and has given way to a similar but unconventional medium for wordsmiths alike. Rap music is the new poetry. Poetry for the everyman but most importantly, for the minorities.
    • Use of a quote to spark their attention.


Why can Hip-Hop be considered poetry?

  1. Use of literary devices such as metaphor, simile and phonetic devices, rhyme, repetition, play on words. Basically, these writers are wordsmiths.
  2. They address themes relevant to the world’s current situation, they have a unique vision and idea of what they want to say and why they are saying it. It is not only about sounding good anymore.
  3. They are well educated in terms of musical competence, literature and pop culture, which makes their music more appealing, and relatable.


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