RCL 1: Deliberation

The Nu Era of Greek Life: Can We Make Fraternities Beta? How Should It Be Delt(a) With?

This deliberation aims to bring to the attention of the community some of the issues surrounding fraternities and how these affect the safety of the community and the individuals that are members. We aim to lead the deliberation with respect to three different approaches: The fraternity as a national organization; The University and its role as an overseer; The member as an individual and his responsibility. Through these three different frames we aim to effectively discuss what the roles of each actor are and how we the public can solve some of the issues that affect us and the community as a whole.

Within the deliberation my role is to lead approach three (the brother as an individual) alongside Matthew. We will research the topic in order to successfully lead the discussion. In order to gain some insight we are aiming to conduct some research; a survey of some members of a fraternity in order to gain an understanding of why the joined and what their goals are as a member. More along the line we will contribute to the issues guide which aims to give an overview of our approach, summarizing the key points and some of the discussion prompts we will use.

Currently we are in the research and preparation phase, we are gathering our information and constructing and conducting the survey. Within the coming weeks we aim to have a full outline of our information and a clear path that we wish out deliberation to follow.

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