Alive: Playground

Where and where are most peoples’ fondest memories?  Most will say when they were young and had no responsibilities, only homework.  My fondest days was when i was on the playground jumping around, jumping off swings, playing tag, and using it as an obstacle course.playground2.jpg

Now when i first thought of a place that is alive the first thing that came to my mind was a playground, you said to take a picture of one but I didn’t want to be that guy taking pictures of kids at a playground.  So i got all of mine off of the net.  Now, why is a playground alive?  Well, to me its the endless possibilities of what can happen at a playground and for that it is alive to me first of all.  Your moving and with that your blood is pumping you feel invigorated and when you are moving your brain is receiving oxygen.  You feel alive.  When I went to the playground as a kid I saw a lot of kids playing, you were in the zone.  If you didn’t know anyone in you went neighborhood playground and played around to get to know the kids there.

Now, when you i go to most playgrounds where I’m from, there are no kids there.  The playgrounds are rundown and drugs are being sold there.  They are a dead place now.  Or look at a different situation; Japan.  Japan has a declining youth population and playgrounds are empty.empty-playground2.jpgThey are pretty much just empty now because the Japanese are more concerned with work and have been desensitized by the porn industry there.  People are quick to go to porn before they become intimate with a woman.  This was shown to me on current tv and confirmed by my various Japanese friends.  So the playgrounds in Japan are just empty, “dead” space.  The echoes of children playing and swinging on swing is no longer there.  
A playground, to me, is what life is all about.  You see something as it is a create something else with your imagination, creativity at its finest.  You went there had a good time and when it was time to go, it was sad.  it was empty until the next day when all your friends would come back.  It was dead during the night.

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