Fast food

Americas society over the past century has grown not only in size as population, but also in its waist sizes for its people. There was been a massive increase in the amount of fast foods places in the states over the past few years. This spike is due to the people wanting connivance. The culture has changed, people are always in a rush which makes them not have time for things they have had time for in the past. “There has been an exponential rise in the number of obese individuals especially in developed nations like United States.” (News Medical and Life Science) The fast food places are not healthy places to eat at often.

Even though people have crazy lives it is not a reason to eat unhealthy. Obesity rates have increase drastically over the past years. The food that is being prepared for people to eat isn’t from the best sources even if it is something like a salad. Many times these ingredients used in the healthier food options aren’t from the best sources which has its own problems along with it. The prices don’t lie, you can’t get quality food for so cheap. This is a major issue people shouldn’t eat this food even if it is cheap because it is cause all kinds of health problems across the globe. The kinds of ingredients that are used when cooking these foods are from the lowest source. The real issue life within the big business owners. The companies that are all over the globe are a massive supplier of money and jobs. The companies just need to reevaluate the ingredients that they use in their food so everyone can live a healthier life.

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