Deliberation Nation

The deliberation that i went to went over sexual assault. This topic was very similar to the topic that my group had covered, sexual education. Sexual assault though happens to be sub category of the prevention I did. I learned a lot from this one though. Sexual assault is a major issue around the world today. It is happening for many reasons. There are many different reasons for why sexual assault is happening today. One of these reasons is not understanding what consent is. Consent is often a blurred line for many people. It is very important that both people understand what they are participating in. Major reason why people get into trouble is when alcohol gets involved. People are not in the right state of mind to say they can consent when under the influence. Many of the issues that arise are coming from alcohol. People are not in the right state of mind to really consent. There are many things that we can do on our campus in order to help decrees this issue. People need to just be more verbal about consent otherwise the issue will never be solved. Penn state take action against this issue and provides many different programs to keep the students safe. My presentation went into this issue a little but but not into as much detail. It is important that the students at penn state feel safe. Penn state is creating rules in order to help its students. Sexual assault is a big issue. Its a difficult issue to combat and the deliberation shed light on its issues and ways to help prevent sexual assault.

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