New tech

Having new and improving technologies is a very powerful thing People are able to get the newest and latest technologies instantly. This a is a good thing as well as a burden. Each day we find out more and more ways of how technology is affecting us in ways we don’t even realize. In an article from the Huffinton post, by Lindsey Holmes, “Sneaky Ways Technology Is Messing With Your Body And Mind.” it covers the ways i which technology is affecting us in these quote on quote sneaky ways.

First off, it is found that from a study conducted by New York spine surgeon Kenneth Hansard, that by staring down at your phone constantly can actually have harmful affects on your back and spine. Now on top of that the effects of technology are also affecting us chemically. The exposure to close proximity Wifi can have effects on a males sperm count.

Having trouble with keeping your pores clean? Just think about all the paves you bring your phone. Then think about the things you touch wth your hands. The external screen of the phone is being touched by your hands all the time. The paces you bring your phone are also picking up bacteria from these places. Now think about when you place a call . It only makes sense that these bacterias are being transferred form the phone onto your face. People need to begin to be smart with their technology otherwise it is going to have serious health deficits down the line.

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