Busy World

We live in a world of movement. Everything is always on the run from one place to another. People have become lazy and fat. This is because this generation of people are always looking for the best and quickest way to get something done. This though isn’t always the best way to go about things though. Social media has had a vast impact on the for industry in recent years. People aren’t living in the moment anymore and are living through their cell phones and social media. This generation of people care about the amount of likes they get on a picture or when they are going to post their next picture on Facebook. Which makes them forget and miss all the good that is happening right in front of them.

“The phenomenon known as the “eat and tweet” has flooded social media feeds with mouthwatering food photos.” (MENULOG) In recents years Facebook and other social media sites have been flooded with new food accounts. People have started making accounts of the food they eat. One of the popular accounts near me is about all of the good places in NYC to eat. Not only has this made people go to these places for good food, but many of the posts are of unhealthy food. Not all of the posts are bad, but it has started a trend in the way people act when they get so called “trendy food.” People are going out to eat and before they even touch the food they need to post a picture of it. This has taken away a lot of social interactions in a personal way. People are no longer living in the moment they are living through posts and likes. This has become unhealthy and counter productive.

On facebook a new trend has evolved where accounts teach people how to make different kinds of foods. Not all of this is bad though. Some of the accounts are for unhealthy food and there are some that make healthy food. This though has defiantly had an impact on people though. They are now seeing food wherever they go and more thank likely it is unhealthy.

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