Task 12.3: Blog Post 3 Drop Box

Management Information System 204 was one of the first three courses I took to start online learning. The course curriculum has lessons that will help me with the work I am currently doing. The learning experience had a little bit of challenge but I believe it is a good course to start with. It caters from basic to advanced learning of computer application.

As of right now, the hands – on activities has been very helpful for me. Learning Microsoft Excel and its other functions that I never knew that helped job a little bit easier. Since I did the activity. There’s a lot of advanced functions on Microsoft Excel that still can be learned. But the topics is a good start for anyone who is stepping into class or in a workplace.

For me who works in an accounting office in a hospitality industry – excel has been the main application that I use in a daily basis. Learning a simple conditional formatting for others but for me is something new is one of the helpful function that I use it most of the time. But, there’s still a lot more to learn but this course has given me a new function that I never knew will make things easier. Overall, a good lesson.

Research ….

Writing academic research paper takes a lot of time which I wish I had a lot. Allotting enough time is very important completing the research before the actual writing of the research paper. The process of finding a topic alone is time consuming before doing the actual research then to the writing. Then following through the required format follows.

The topics given is a lot to choose and at the same time, they are broad. I utilized the Library online to help me narrow down a topic but when trying to the research, I found out that there’s still a lot that covers the topic I choose. I like doing research paper when I was still in high school, which was more than a decade already. But now, I had a hard time finding the right topic to start with. Maybe because back then, I already have the topic.

I think, starting off few weeks early on having the topic as a task before the actual research will help until the right topic is selected. My thoughts are just all over the place trying to find the right one. The main struggle I found is finding the right topic. I just wish I had more time to do it as I know it would have a better result.