Faculty Resources

The Instructional Designers at the Faculty Center have a deep understanding of the innovative tools and methods available to instructors looking to enhance their teaching and improve their students’ learning outcomes.

Canvas Support

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) that Penn State relies on to deliver online and hybrid courses. The Faculty Center provides resources for instructors to use Canvas as a tool for effective student learning.

SRTE Support

Student Ratings of Teaching Effectiveness (SRTEs) help to inform instructors on how their students perceive their teaching. Faculty can use this information to explore new and innovate approaches to their instruction.

Syllabus Support

The syllabus is the instructor’s method for communicating not only course information, but expectations, goals, and objectives. Explore these resources thelp craft an effective syllabus for your course.

Teaching Resources

Faculty rely on various tools, techniques, and resources in order to enhance their student’s learning. Search here for information regarding Accessibility, Course Objectives, technology, and techniques to help in your classes.

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