This site provides resources for the Hybrid Course Redesign Process at Penn State Harrisburg including the submission process to propose the design and development of a new hybrid course, and information on intellectual property rights. Additional related resources are also provided for those interested in learning about the redesign of courses for a hybrid delivery, peer review of hybrid courses, and more.

Submission Process for NEW Hybrid Courses

  1. Prospective faculty applicants should formally consult with their Program Coordinator and School Director prior to submitting a Request for Proposal for Hybrid Course Development Form (available from Policy Guideline A-9).
  2. Generally, one to two semesters of design and development time are needed to redesign a course for hybrid delivery.
  3. Refer to Policy Guideline A-9 for full details on hybrid course development, including the Request for Proposal (RFP) form.

Intellectual Property Rights

Read and understand the University’s policy regarding intellectual property rights by referring to the University’s Policy IP03 Courseware (formerly RA17).

Additional Resources

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