SRTE Support

Managed by the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence, SRTEs (Student Rating of Teaching Effectiveness) are Penn State’s method for gathering student feedback for instructors and their courses. Learn how to leverage SRTE responses and data to improve student response rates as well as the quality of your instruction.

Getting Started with SRTEs

Explore the Schreyer Institute and the SRTE home page.

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SRTE Home Page

Keep up to date with announcements and deadlines from the SRTE program.


Navigate directly to your SRTE page to manage your ratings information.

Schreyer Institute

Explore resources from the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence.

SRTE Resource Library

Discover how other institutions leverage student ratings to improve student learning.

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Explore frequently asked questions from Faculty about SRTEs.

Effective Evaluation of Teaching

Tips from the Society for the Teaching of Pyschology on effectively using evaluations to improve teaching.

Summary of Research & Literature

Explore critical research and literature on improving student outcomes using ratings of teaching effectiveness.

Making Sense of Student Evaluations

Suggestions from Lehigh University’s Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.

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