Teaching Support

Faculty rely on various tools, techniques, and resources in order to enhance their student’s learning. Search here for information regarding Accessibility, Course Objectives, Technology, and techniques to help in your classes.

Accessibility Support

Understand Penn State’s committment to fully accessible online course content.

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Accessibility at Penn State

Learn how how accessibility concerns impact how students access documents, web pages, and multimedia

Microsoft Office – Vision Guide

Understand how individuals with vision impairments interact with Microsoft products, and how to make them accessible.

Microsoft Office – Hearing Guide

Understand how individuals with hearing impairments interact with Microsoft products, and how to make them accessible

Assessments & Rubrics

Learn to craft effective assessments and rubrics to enhance student learning.

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Grading Rubrics

Rubrics act as scoring guides for students to ensure consistent grading measures for particular assignments.

Online Assessments

Explore tips from Balckboard for using online assessments in face-to-face, or residential, courses.

Check for Learning

Browse the information available from the University of Texas at Austin for assessment tips and strategies.

Writing Course Objectives

Well-written objectives set clear expectations and outcomes for student learning.

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Action Verbs for Writing Objectives

The ABCD method of writing objectives is an excellent way to structure instructional objectives. In this method, “A” is for audience, “B” is for behavior, “C” for conditions and “D” is for degree of mastery needed.

Harvard Instructional Moves

The Harvard Graduate School of Education’s learning modules for instructors.

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Building Community

Learn how to foster an open, honest, and collaborative environment for your students.

Interactive Lectures

Replace instructor monologues with engaging and thought-provoking lecture techniques.

Engaging Discussions

Give your students broader opportunities to engage with other students in classroom discussions.

Technology Library

The Faculty Center offers training and support for various instructional technologies.

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Course Tools

Explore the technologies available to enhance your online instruction.

Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button – Web conference tool integrated with Canvas


Canvas – Penn State’s Learning Management System


Clickers – Keep students engaged with live, in-class polling


Doceri – Use this app for mobile whiteboard, screencast, and desktop control


Piazza – Question and answer platform integrated in Canvas


Respondus – Explore flexible options for delivering online assessments


Turnitin – Keep up to date with assignment submissions


VoiceThread – Easily integrate multimedia in your courses


Use these tools to communicate and collaborate across campus.


Box – Store and share your files, collaborate on documents

Media Commons

Media Commons – Explore multimedia production resources

Meetings @ Penn State

Meetings @ Penn State – Web conferencing powered by Adobe Connect

Office 365

Office 365 – Email & authoring


Wikispaces – Explore a network of collaborative groups at Penn State


Yammer – Discover groups and connect with colleagues


Zoom – Run virtual meetings and office hours

Train & Develop

Explore software and development options available to faculty.

ITS Downloads

ITS Downloads – Approved apps and programs to download

Learning Resource Network

LRN – Participate in virtual training from Penn State


lynda.psu.edu -Free training and development courses

Software @ PSU

Software @ PSU – Shop for Penn State approved software

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