This section of the Faculty Center’s web site provides a broad collection of resources and services addressing assessment, teaching and learning, technology, and experiments in pedagogy.

The Resources sub-section is broken down into three parts:

  • The Assessment page provides resources on program assessment and the assessment of teaching and learning.
  • The Faculty Toolkit provides a varied compilation of campus and university resources for teaching and related activities.
  • The Technology page provides links to all of the centrally supported technologies available through the university.

The Services sub-section provides a list of some of the typical teaching and learning topics on which the Faculty Center’s instructional designers are sought for consultations or departmental workshops.

The New Faculty sub-section gathers the information new full-time faculty need to know prior to the start of classes.

The Experiments in Pedagogy sub-section describes projects that allow faculty, students, and staff to explore the intersections of face-to-face interaction, technology, the physical environment, and new experiences/ideas.

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