New Faculty

Welcome to Penn State Harrisburg! This webpage provides new faculty with some important beginning information that most appreciate knowing prior to arriving on campus. Additional information is provided at the New Faculty Orientation and throughout the academic year through emails to the faculty listserv, departmental and school meetings, and campus workshops. You are always welcome to bring your questions to the Faculty Center located in W203 Olmsted, or to contact our administrative support assistant, Betsy Parlett, at 717-948-4309 to make an appointment with one of our instructional designers.


Penn State’s Course Management System, ANGEL, provides instructors with essential tools to deliver course materials, track student work, and transform learning processes. New faculty gain access to their course(s) in ANGEL after they have activated their Penn State Access Account (userID and password used to log in to ANGEL), and have been listed as instructor of record for their course(s) by their school’s administrative support assistants.

Tutorials demonstrating how to use ANGEL tools are available at IT Training Resources. Faculty may also schedule time with an instructional designer in the Faculty Center for one-on-one ANGEL training by contacting Betsy at, or 717-948-4309.


The Faculty Center has prepared a checklist that will help you organize and construct a syllabus SyllabusChecklistFALL15. Please also know that your school will be happy to provide you with syllabi from previous offerings of your course, or one similar to it. The instructional designers in the Faculty Center are available to review your syllabus with you and answer any questions you might have regarding it. We can help you design a syllabus that is accessible and upload it to ANGEL.

Academic Integrity

Penn State has licensed with Turnitin, a web-based writing assessment toolkit which allows instructors to provide feedback to students through markup tools, rubrics, proofing tools and originality reports to detect plagiarism. Turnitin also provides peer review options. Any instructor who is teaching a Penn State course can request a Turnitin account by emailing Please include your name, Access Account user id, courses being taught and semester. Get started instructions for both instructors and students are available at Additional documentation is available at

iStudy for Success! has a self-paced Academic Integrity Tutorial for students that can be imported into an ANGEL course. It provides the academic integrity information that should be included in every Penn State course, covering plagiarism, cheating, copyright, fair use, and the penalties for academic dishonesty. For a description of the module and directions on how to import it into ANGEL, please visit

For a sample academic integrity statement for your course syllabus, please review the SyllabusChecklistFALL15.

Russell E. Horn Sr. Learning Center

You have a vital role in encouraging students to use the academic support services of the Learning Center. Will you please insert one of the following passages in your syllabus as appropriate? Contact Dr. Janice Smith at if you have any questions.

General Tutoring Information: The Russell E. Horn Sr. Learning Center may have a peer tutor who can assist you in this course. To make an in-person or online appointment, click the ONLINE SCHEDULER button from the Learning Center home page (, go to, call 717-948-6475, or stop in at W-117 Olmsted or 106 EDUC ACT. An appointment is recommended, but not required.

To inquire about appointments or for other questions, call 717-948-6475 or stop in at W-117 Olmsted or 106 EducAct. You can also request a tutor by emailing We will do our best to find a tutor to match your schedule and course needs, although we can’t guarantee one. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook at PSHLearningCenter and follow us on Twitter @PSUHLC.

Writing Support: The Russell E. Horn Sr. Learning Center provides tutoring support for writing assignments in this class. Do you need help developing your thesis and ideas?  Do you need objective feedback when you’re drafting or revising your papers?  Do you have questions about MLA, APA, or Chicago formats?  Do you want to improve your academic writing skills? The writing tutors at the Russell E. Horn Sr. Learning Center are experts at helping students improve their writing. Several tutors also specialize in working with writers who have learned English as another language. Writing tutors will done edit your writing, and they won’t write your papers for you. What they will do is offer you strategies to become a more effective and independent writer.

To make an in-person or online appointment, click the ONLINE SCHEDULER button from the Learning Center home page (, go to, call 717-948-6475, or stop in at W-117 Olmsted or 106 EDUC ACT. An appointment is recommended, but not required.

Writing handouts are available in the ANGEL group, Writing Resources – Harrisburg Learning Center (or search “Writing Resources” from the “Find a Group” link in ANGEL to enroll). Print copies are available in W-117 Olmsted. You can also like us on Facebook at PSHLearningCenter and follow us on Twitter @PSUHLC.

Math and Stat Support: The Russell E. Horn Sr. Learning Center may have a tutor who can assist you in this course. (Any math course through MATH 141 and STAT 200 has a tutor; higher level courses may have a tutor.) Check the tutors listed in the online scheduler at, call 717-948-6475 or drop in to W-117 Olmsted or 106 EDUC ACT. An appointment is recommended, but not required. Math tutoring is provided in 116 EDUC ACT. If you have a request for a course or a time that is not on the schedule, email with your request. We’ll try to find an option. Additional information is provided at the math department site: You can also like us on Facebook at PSHLearningCenter and follow us on Twitter @PSUHLC.

Disability Services

On September 10, 2013, the Faculty Senate voted to amend Faculty Senate Policy 43-00 to add as a required element a statement for students needing accommodations on how to contact the Office of Disability Services. The new policy is scheduled to read:

“A written (paper or electronic form) syllabus must be distributed to students in each course within the first ten calendar days of a semester or its equivalent. In addition to course content and expectations, the syllabus must include the course examination policy, basis for grades, and the academic integrity policy for the course, and information on procedures related to academic adjustments identified by the Office of Disability Services. Changes to the syllabus shall also be given to the student in written (paper or electronic) form.”

For a sample disability access statement for your course syllabus, please review the SyllabusChecklistFALL15.


Penn State is fully committed to compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations regarding accessibility. The Faculty Center’s instructional designers can assist in ensuring that the course materials you upload to ANGEL are accessible. Two good additional resources are Penn State’s AccessAbility website and ITS Training Services handout on “Accessibility in Word and PowerPoint 2010.”


According to the Higher Education Opportunity Act, universities are required to have texts listed with the course information so students can make informed decisions when registering for their classes. Be sure to communicate with your program coordinator prior to placing a textbook order with the bookstore. Use the web form at to place your book orders with the bookstore. If you need a review copy of a text, you may place an order with the publisher. Contact your school’s administrative support assistant if you need assistance.


Our library provides online forms for you to place books and media on reserve, and to place portions of books and articles on electronic reserve. You may also contact Glenn Rudy directly at

Emergency Procedures

The Emergency Procedures – Quick Reference and the Emergency Response Plan are both excellent resources with which to have familiarity. You should find the Quick Reference posted in every classroom.

OL 2000: Effective Online Teaching

World Campus Faculty Development provides an instructor-led four week online course in online teaching which reviews the essential skills for teaching online. Registration is required and a new section begins every month. The successful completion of this course can contribute to a Certificate for Online Teaching.


The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 governs how educational institutions control and safeguard their student education records. All employees of educational institutions who have access to student records must abide by FERPA requirements. For us at Penn State, that means that most faculty, if not all of us, likely come within these legal requirements as we tend to our usual business of teaching and otherwise interacting with students.

Because as Penn State faculty members we interact with students and have access to student records as part of our teaching and advising responsibilities, it is vital that we understand our obligations with respect to FERPA. That understanding requires a little bit of work on our part as faculty. However, in order to facilitate that learning, the Office of the University Registrar has developed an on-line FERPA tutorial and quiz available in ANGEL. The tutorial is intuitive and easy; working through it makes it easy to learn what is necessary to be respectful of student privacy concerns and to comply with our legal obligations.

As a consequence of the importance of our privacy policies and in order to ensure full compliance with our legal obligations, we believe it is important to make sure that all of us take the time to master the basic rules necessary to comply with FERPA. Beginning fall 2013, all faculty members will be required to demonstrate their understanding of FERPA by successfully completing the quiz. Failure to do so will prevent access to eLion for purposes of obtaining class lists, posting grades, and carrying out advising responsibilities. We really appreciate your time and attention to this simple but effective and important process.

Please visit ANGEL to view the tutorial at your earliest convenience:
1. Go to ANGEL’s website
2. Press the “Logon” button and log in with your Penn State access account
3. Under My Groups, click on “Find a group”
4. In the Keyword Search box, enter “ferpa” and click on the Search button
5. Click on the “FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act” link
6. Click on each module, read the material, and when finished, take the quiz

Depending on your prior knowledge of FERPA, the tutorial and quiz should together take no more than 45 minutes to complete. A grade of 70% or higher on the quiz is considered acceptable. You may take the quiz as many times as necessary to achieve a satisfactory grade. But please remember—if you do not work through the tutorial and pass the quiz you will not be able to access eLion.

Thank you for helping to ensure that Penn State adequately protects the confidentiality of our student records. If you have previously passed the FERPA quiz, you may ignore this notice. If you have any questions regarding the tutorial or the quiz, please contact Todd Clouser in the Registrar’s Office at or 814 863-1924.

Vehicle Registration

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to register their vehicles online at the Faculty and Staff Parking Registration site. You must pick up your valid parking permit at the Vehicle Registration Office located in the Susquehanna Building where payment options will be determined. Be sure to have your photo ID with you. If the Vehicle Registration Office cannot attach a payroll deduction you will be required to direct pay for your parking permit. All adjunct faculty are required to direct pay for their parking permit by cash, check or money order. Only students may pay online for their parking permits.

Faculty are not permitted to park in the visitor parking places, and must have the parking permit properly displayed on their vehicle to avoid being ticketed.

 All questions and concerns can be directed to the Vehicle Registration Office at 717-948-6006, or e-mail Polli McCartney, the Vehicle Registration Coordinator, at

First Day

The first day of class is one of the most important days of the semester. The Faculty Center provides some tips that can be reviewed on First Day of ClassFA15 and FirstDayConsiderations_FA15. Please contact the Faculty Center with any questions. Also know that your administrative support assistant can help you with any logistical issues of gaining access to the classroom, providing copies of the syllabus, etc.