The instructional designers in the Faculty Center provide consultations on various teaching and learning topics, and can also create departmental workshops on the same topics. Here are some typical topics we discuss with our faculty:

  • Academic integrity/plagiarism prevention – How to redesign assignments so students are less likely to plagiarize; strategies to prevent academic integrity violations; access to resources to identify plagiarism, etc. See our ReadAboutAcademic Integrity
  • Accessibility – How to make your documents accessible; moving away from pdfs; how to use universal design in your courses, etc.
  • Assessment: Mid-semester course evaluations, SRTEs, Middle States program assessment, and more. See our ReadAboutSRTEs
  • Classroom management – Strategies for managing the classroom. See our ReadAboutClassroomManagement
  • Course redesign – We can assist you with redesigning a course from face-to-face instruction to hybrid or completely online delivery. We can also discuss “flipping” the classroom, and discuss the strategies for making a redesign a success.
  • Design & development – We are experienced in the design and development of face-to-face, hybrid, and online course instruction and are happy to discuss your course ideas.
  • Diversity – With the growing diversity in our classrooms, how can you make your course relevant to all students? How can you take advantage of, and even celebrate, the diversity in your classes? The instructional designers in the Faculty Center can help you with strategies for engaging ALL students.
  • Multimedia creation – We can discuss your multimedia assignments and connect you with a consultant for training, support, and resources for you and your students.
  • Teaching strategies – In addition to our own knowledge of various teaching strategies to fit many different classrooms and faculty, we also have a library of books that you can borrow to read about some strategies on your own.
  • Technology integration – We directly support all University-adopted technologies including Adobe Connect, ANGEL, Doceri, iClickers, lynda, NBC Learn, Sites, VoiceThread, Wikispaces, and Yammer. The list is continually growing so, if in doubt, just ask us!

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