Experiments in Pedagogy

Experiments in Pedagogy

The Faculty Center is committed to developing projects that allow faculty, students, and staff to explore the intersections of face-to-face interaction, technology, the physical environment, and new experiences/ideas. Some of the principles that guide our design include:

  • CURIOSITY: facilitating experiences of the unexpected
  • INCLUSION: diversity and inclusiveness as a way of life
  • SITE-SPECIFICITY: extending learning beyond the classroom into the physical environment aided by the use of technology
  • COMMUNITY: fostering connection to community through participatory design
  • PROCESS: creating frameworks for engagement

Current Project:

 1+1: A Game of Discovery, Connection, & Communication


Our goal is to frame an experience that fosters engagement and belonging, opens players to cross-disciplinary ideas and experiences, and leaves players with a heightened awareness of their community and the life within it.