By Kristian Beverly, staff member

You can always take away some type of idea from writers. Bouncing your ideas off craft ideas and stories can boost creativity. You never have to agree with or interweave everything that the author says he or she does. But the key to being able to find your way to creating and writing means having the ability to learn from others. So here’s a list of helpful links about craft, writing, and ideas!

20 Novel Boards You Should Be Following

Pinterest can be a black hole where you go on to find a recipe and then you’re learning why birds migrate. Yet, the website is a great resource for pictures that can spark an idea. Here’s a link that will take you to some fantastic boards that may help start creativity!

44 Perfect Songs To Listen To While You Write

Music can spark ideas. So here are 44 songs that vary in genre!

On Dothraki and House Elves: Developing Fantasy Cultures

Creating worlds can be hard. Especially fantasy where you are starting from scratch. This link talks about developing culture.

Keeping it Real with Ancient Mythology

There’s a saying that no story idea is original. It’s the author’s point of view and ability to manipulate it that makes the story worth telling. Authors such as J.K Rowling, Suzzane Collins, Maggie Stiefvater, and Anne Bishop use mythology for their stories. To make their stories unique they changed what they needed to move their plot forward. This link (and website in general) has great articles that revolve around writing.

The Top 10 Reasons to Write Short Stories

Short stories are sometimes looked at as being lesser writing when compared to novels because of their length. Yet, short stories are a precise art of their own and here’s a link that tells reasons to write them.

Crimes & Punishments Through Time

Sometimes you have to write a dark part into a story and look at history to see how past people and societies have handled occurrences. Here’s a link to crimes and punishments through history.

Novels aren’t movies – how to write great description in prose

Even with a killer plot, a story can be less than stellar because of mediocre prose.

Writing Prompts

Have a story due soon but don’t have an idea about what to write about? Well here almost 500 prompts to help you. You’re welcome.

30 Sci Fi Prompts

Write Sci-Fi but are out of ideas? Here are 30 prompts.

Go Teen Writers

This whole website has a plethora of useful tips for writing. It’s useful for all levels of writers.