By Tyler York


I look out my window as the morning mist holds

The dense darkness, like outer space withholds light.

The vacuum of the universe. There is no life.

The birds are hiding, people are missing; I feel alone.


I painfully push myself out of bed.

My naïve noggin whispers words of sleep;

I refuse.

Despite the perceived hopelessness, I know there is good.


Where can I find the light?

It has been years since I have experienced the comforting and caring light of goodness.

Blurred between fantasy and reality, my soul

Screamed for the truth!


I remember.

It was a place, secluded in the forgiving forest

From within. I had been there as a child but had lost my way.

I had veered off the vigorous path,


Thump, thump, thump. Down into the vast ravine.

Falling over ridged rocks and sliding down steep slopes.

I fought for a foothold, something to slow my plunge,

But all was in vain.


But then, a soaring savior swooped down and

Caught my arm. Its talons piercing my skin, pain shot

Through my body as droplets of blood raced down my arm.

The resilient wings swooping me back to the path.


Here was the light, and it had saved me again.

The light from within myself, that had been there all along,

Had once again rescued me from my own despair.

How thankful I was as I began again on the path of life.


Tyler York is studying business and engineering. This is his first publication.