From The Fallout Shelter has been fortunate enough to receive many impressive submissions from dedicated students of Penn State Harrisburg and we have selected the best of the best for you to enjoy. This collection features a flavorful variety of works, ranging from Alexander Brown’s surreal “Itchy” to Jordan Ehring’s delightful “Fun Room.” We are also proud to present Sara K. Stevenson’s award-winning memoir, “An Endless Cycle.” Stevenson masterfully tells a compelling and tragic story through a creative and thought provoking narrative structure. Understanding the perspective of one’s neighbor is the most invaluable trait a person can carry. Reading material such as that which is provided in this issue exercises our ability to relate to and appreciate one another.  We have greatly enjoyed reading these pieces and these great works are a reflection of the imaginative and knowledgeable minds our campus both hosts and nurtures. I am confident you will appreciate these authors’ craftsmanship as well and thank you for reading.

Nicholas Hostetter, a senior English major, was the Nonfiction Editor for this issue.