Beauty is frail, beauty is seen seldom,
But her petals shimmer heavenly so,
And like droplets of dew on white blossom,
She spills her love into the world below,
Ignorant, they see not what is offered,
Only shudder at such foreign feeling,
For man to be so lost and so battered,
Shameless, I must admit my appealing,
For I see her in the mirror of life,
And fall to my knees in utmost respect,
Worshipping her elegant blooms in strife,
Blooms meant only to shine as they infect,
Alone, she grows flowers of dark and light,
And redeems mankind from his selfish plight.


Alexander Brown is a senior English major who has written over 200 poems and 50 short stories. The essay and poems in this issue are his first publications.