Diana entombed, dwindling the languishing witches’ hour
under the surmounting aubade.
An oblivion of thoughts far greater than the
wisdom of words gush through
the essence, prithee, pen poesy.
Elude the despair of mortal breath
into the breath of life eternal.
Enliven the transient silhouette from age atrophy —
the timeless Traveller.
This ornamented instant. This illusion.
The ardor, seraphic bliss, but a measly moment
under the throne of Time…
This fancy greets
hallowed mirth, ecstasy.
Eternity, breathe, live forever in this world
and claim forever ascendancy…
Poesy, elation of overwhelming sensation,
these lines elude Thou.

Sami Kak is a Schreyer Honors Student who is studying chemical engineering. His fiction has been published in The Burg, but this is his first published poem. He started his college career at PSH before transferring to University Park.