“Makeshift Ball” by Tesfaye Ayalew

Tesfaye Ayalew was born in Dessie, Ethiopia. He grew up speaking Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia. He is a second-year student, currently studying kinesiology. He is a left midfielder for PSH men’s soccer team. Earlier this year, his photo won the Penn State
Reads photo contest.
“Forgotten Carousel” by Kristian Beverly
“Sleeping Giant” by Kristian Beverly
“What’s Behind The Door?” by Kristian Beverly
Kristian Beverly is a senior English major. A native of Pennsylvania’s central region, Kristian loves to read a little bit of everything and write whatever catches her eyes. She’s also a member of the Penn State Equestrian Team and when not inside, that’s where you’ll find her at. She was the Visual Arts Editor for this issue.
“Kinzua” by Britney Buterbaugh
“Sunrise” by Britney Buterbaugh
Britney Buterbaugh is a communications major with a small photography business in Middletown. She won last year’s best photo, best poem, and was featured in the 2015-16 issue as well the Fall 2017 Fission chapbook.
“Fruit & Veggie” by Yao Ting Chen
“Sushi Neko” by Yao Ting Chen
Yao Ting Chen is majoring in mechanical engineering and says, “I draw as a hobby. I love sushi and I think people should try it out instead of refusing it because it is different from western foods.”
“Endless Possibilities” by Ariel Gardner
Ariel Gardner is a third-year biology major from Hershey. She will be applying for veterinary school this summer. She loves to incorporate her passion for photography into every aspect of her life. Her free time is spent with her family and her dog, Shanti.
“Firefly Mountains” by Daulton Lease
Daulton Lease is a senior English major and vice president of the NERD Club.
“Dreaming of the Dawn” by Siti Nur Hannany Md Salehuddin
Siti Nur Hannany Md Salehuddin is a freshman majoring in aerospace engineering. She is from Malaysia. She loves writing and photography.
“Death Awaits” by Savannah Moss
Savannah Moss is from the small town of Zanesville, Ohio. She is a freshman. She plans to major in anthropology and minor in art history. She loves to travel, read, play the flute, and study classic literature.
Winner- “Hidden” by Kimberly Stielper
Kimberly Stielper is a senior English Secondary Education major. She loves baking, crocheting, reading, and dabbling in digital photography. She has tutored writing and speech for four years and hopes to become a professional tutor and a high school English teacher. Her photo was featured on the cover of the 2017 issue, and she won Best Photo
for this issue.
“Waikiki Sunset” by Lydia Williams
Lydia Williams is a junior political science major, and Schreyer Scholar. She is the president of the International Affairs Association/Rotaract Club. She is originally from Tioga County in north central Pennsylvania, but she now lives and commutes from her grandparents’ home outside of Middletown.
“Passion” by Junchun Zhu
Junchun Zhu is a life science major from China. Zhu says, “My hobbies are taking photos and playing golf. I have been in the USA for six years. My photo was taken during December 2017, while I was traveling in Myrtle Beach.”