Cubed blocks in a rainbow of colors,
four smooth sides, one hollow side and one bumpy side.
All fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.
Compactly form an abstract notion

like a fire-breathing dragon.

An azure locomotive with a light-gray face.
Thomas, always with a grinning expression.
A steam-engine bellowing cloudy smoke.
Churning down wooden tracks

in a path unknown like a shiny bullet.

A black-silverish handle attached
to a slender extendable plastic purple frame.
Electrifying neon plasmas,
severing and slashing hundreds of troops

storming in their white suits.

Black letters etched on delicate pages.
Proper use of words make strong sentences.
Stacks of sheets bonded together with a paper or hardcover.
The tale’s language comes alive like a dystopian

queen ruling a universe of chaos.

Multitudes                   of random items            jumbled everywhere as             chromatic
              pictures                                      on a flat                                  large page.
         Eyes                       must          search           continuously        for a specific
 set      of                things                 such       as   a       piano,          bowling ball,               nail pin,

cowboy hat,                               keychain,       plastic spider,                    and        a          seashell.

Green and yellow polymers form a cylindrical canister
with a tiny plastic red trigger.
Streams of cold moisture surround a leathery beast
growling in pain with turquoise

blood sizzling the asphalt.

Glossy paints encasing the body,
four little metallic wheels
and a chiseled engine VROOMING!
Threads screeching on a race track

all taking place in a calm mind.

Five dolphin skinned ships hidden on a serene lagoon grid.
Each ship sculpted roaming the endless sapphire seas.
Red and white pegs pinpoint for the targets.
An iron torpedo cackling dooms a silver

ship consuming it in flames, debris, and ash.

Kids play with toys that are real
but what they see in their mind is different.
Everyday touchable items turn into
Something deeply                               imaginative and creative.

None of these objects have to be technological.

Technology creates a distorted reality.
Digitized games, virtual reality, and
anything screen-based does not             stimulate the mind.
A child’s wish list can become
something beyond its                                                               physical manifestation.

Huzeifa Amiji is a senior civil engineering major with a concentration in environmental
engineering and a minor in English. He is from West Chester, Pennsylvania. He likes
reading, writing, watching movies and TV shows, running, and even hiking.