I rise up
every day
one after another
beaming down
dimmed by clouds
but still shining
storm clouds roll
dark and brooding
waiting to strike
it rolls right on by
and I am untouched
I am the sun
and I rise up
I am depended on
needed and wanted
yearned for even
I change the seasons
winter to spring
day to night
light to dark
the only permanent
I am the sun
and I rise up
I am a life source
a god
for my light
a power
out lasting
those around me
though everyone knows
I too will perish
but until then
I am the sun
and I rise up
I will expand
shining brighter
and bigger
than the day
I was born
I will
explode and collapse
in time
I will
reform and reshape
taking my rightful place
once again
an almighty thing
creating life
and ending it
all of this is up to me
because I am the sun
and I rise up

Ella Simcox a freshman English and secondary education major who plans to be a high
school English teacher. She is from Jersey Shore, PA, which is right between State
College and Williamsport (where Little League is held). She enjoys writing poetry,
reading, listening to the Grateful Dead , and hanging out with her amazing roommates
and friends.