Let’s ignore the science behind things.
Look up and see the stars dancing,
instead of hot masses burning from afar.

Look up and see the moon missing the sun,
glowing in the velvet sky,
as if calling out for the sun to come back home.

Look around and see the trees standing tall,
shaking its hands with the sky above,
as if saying hello to an old friend.

Look down and feel the snow on the ground,
like a white, soft blanket,
as if tucking the earth below to a deep slumber.

Look around and feel the breeze,
gently touching your cheeks,
as if whispering to you nature’s best-kept secrets.

Just tonight,
let’s ignore the science behind things
so we can be anything we dream to be.

Siti Nur Hannany Md Salehuddin is a freshman majoring in aerospace engineering.
She is from Malaysia. She loves writing and photography.