Nonfiction, as a whole, depicts the literal experiences in which people experience things and the significance of them in their lives. The winner, “I Started Running” by Kristi Stokes, exemplifies this. “I Started Running” proves to be a piece that is deeply personal and resonates with readers of all kinds. At some point, society’s expectations have encapsulated the lives of every one of us. The standards and expectations society puts on individuals is a factor that people of all ages, genders, or races can understand. That’s why this piece has universal relatability—everyone has been there at least one in their lives. On the other hand, there are more lighthearted pieces. With that, there’s also something to be said about the love you can give someone, especially if that someone is a cat. In Greggory Sullivan’s “Kikko” the reader experiences the immense love the author has for their cat and the sheer admiration is sure to melt the hearts of readers. The adoration strikes a chord and elicits a strong emotional response of love. Although different in their meanings and styles, both of these pieces are well-crafted and make the reader feel something as they read. It shows how although different, they are connected by the emotional responses of the readers.