Wait. A love poem?


Ugh. No thanks. Please.

You know, I’m not writing this

Just to appease

You, or anyone else.

Sorry, if I’m being a tease.

It’s just that a love story

Is not what I need.


What I need is action,

An adventure to reminisce.

A benevolent hero,

Whose sword can never miss.

And rejoices in his victory,

In his moment of bliss;

When the young maiden he saved

Awards him with a kiss.


Or maybe a mystery,

A detective’s tale,

Filled with twists and turns,

Where the murder unveils.

And the man mourns

Over a lone wedding veil,

For his bride is now gone

And he’s on her killer’s trail.


Perhaps a paranormal thriller

That keeps you on the edge of your seat.

With creatures and gore,

And brave people to meet.

Suffering through it all,

Surviving such a feat,

By holding onto each other;

A bond that can never be beat.


How about a comedy?

Because everyone loves to smile.

Satire to make you giggle.

A goofy character profile

With a pointless plot line

That captivates for a while.

Until the story needs more

And romance is on speed dial.


Fantasy’s a good way to go

To get away from it all.

Delve into other worlds,

Down the rabbit hole you fall.

A mermaid rescued from the sea

By her knight, standing tall,

And you get lost in their lives

While reality is stalled.


So, this is not a love poem,

No matter what the title will say.

Because I’m in control here, and

“Romance Free” is how I sway.

Too many clichés, too overdone.

Yet each and every day,

No matter what I’m reading

Love will get in the way.


Madaline Hoy is a creative writing major from Harrisburg who loves books, music, animals and video games.