What is it worth?

Our hours of toil

To study, to work

Though our fate lies in soil

We break down ourselves

In search of fulfillment

We fill our bookshelves

To try to claim brilliance

Why bother teaching?

Why try to inspire?

The people we’re reaching

Won’t make our stocks higher

Just focus on you

Keep a selfish mentality

Don’t try to improve

Without an increase in salary

The bare minimum is God

The path of least resistance

Future generation won’t applaud

So just maintain subsistence

Or am I wrong?

Are we about something larger

To a grand story we belong

A great purpose we harbor

For it isn’t in vain

our writings, paintings, and words

The stress, loss, and pain

are what gives our lives worth


Raymond Lehman is a first-year student studying English and communications. “My dream job is to write articles for National Geographic. I also make the best cacio e pepe in the world (unofficial).”