Nabin Adhikari is a sophomore living in Harrisburg and currently studying Criminal Justice, Political Science and a minor in Creative Writing at Penn State Harrisburg. After undergrad Nabin hopes to tackle the LSAT to attend Law School. From a young age he enjoyed writing short fictional pieces inspired by personal experiences. He uses personal experience to write creative pieces that hopefully people enjoy one day.

Sam Bixler is a senior majoring in Creative Writing. They live in Grantville, Pennsylvania with their mom and three cats (Toby, Levi, and Tali). When not writing, attending classes, or spending obscene amounts of time on the phone with their girlfriend (or traveling to visit her), they spend much of their free time playing video games and obsessing over Dungeons and Dragons (or whatever their latest hyperfixation may be). They will be graduating in the Spring of 2020, and they were the Fiction Editor for this issue.

Ashleigh Cummings is a current last semester senior at Penn State Harrisburg. She is currently majoring in American Studies with a minor in Writing. In her free time, she rides horses, is writing her first novel and raises Seeing Eye Dogs. She will be returning in the Fall to begin her Master’s in American Studies. She was the assistant fiction editor and online editor for this issue.

Valerie Frigerio is a senior at Penn State Harrisburg, with a major in Mechanical Engineering Technology, and minors in Creative Writing and Theatre. Valerie likes writing in her spare time, various types of prose and various topics. Valerie is not trying to change the world with her writing, but perhaps bring some joy.

Elijah Hayes-Olivera is a graduating senior with a degree in General Biology. He has a wide range of interests, some of which include watching biographical films and reading science fiction novels in his free time. Of all the flowers that may bloom in a field, his favorite is the White Clover.

Rachel Lenich is a senior English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. She has been the copy editor for From the Fallout Shelter for the past two years. Her writing has been featured in From the Fallout Shelter, Inked, and The Wildwood Journal. After graduating, she plans to work in education and to continue submitting her poetry to literary magazines.

Jessica Mele is an English major and History minor. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her cats, Enzo and Izzy. She was the visual arts editor and assistant nonfiction editor for this issue.

Kenneth Nolan III is a senior English student. He likes activist poetry, queer theory, and listening to PJ Harvey as a form of catharsis. He was the Poetry Editor for this issue.

Nathan Willison is a sophomore journalism major serving as an assistant nonfiction major for From the Fallout Shelter. Nate is planning on working for a news publication after graduation.