Interested in submitting your work beyond Penn State Harrisburg? Searching for some inspiration? This list of ten resources is here to help you hone your craft, access the literary community, and encourage you in the pursuit of your writing career!

  1. With the vast amount of publications to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right fit. Don’t know where to start? This is an extensive list of literary magazines that accept submissions specifically from undergraduate students.
  2. Duotrope is a subscription database that pairs writers and artists with thousands of literary magazines. This is an incredibly useful resource if you’re searching for a niche publication and really want to narrow down the results. There is a membership fee, but free seven-day trials are available.
  3. The first part of your submission that editors will look at is your cover letter. Michelle Richmond’s article demonstrates how to write an effective cover letter for a literary magazine submission.
  4. This video is excellent for writers of all levels. Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert gives an inspirational TED Talk for writers about the creative process, the definition of success, and the importance of pursuing creative work.
  5. Are you stuck staring at a blank document or empty piece of paper? Kris Gage’s article is full of tips on how to overcome writer’s block and access creative energy.
  6. Still struggling to come up with ideas? This website posts weekly writing prompts to inspire you! The ideas are always fresh and unique, so you will never run out of inspiration.
  7. Missed the deadline? This blog can help you keep track of current contests and calls for submissions! They post regular updates so you won’t have to worry about missing out on an opportunity.
  8. Rejection got you down? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Kim Liao wrote this article about the commonality of rejection among the writing community. She talks about how she and other writers deal with, and ultimately embrace, rejection.
  9. Looking for feedback on your writing skills? Utilize Penn State Harrisburg’s writing center where tutors can personally review your work and give feedback on grammar, structure, mechanics, and clarity. The writing center’s page also includes a link to resources related to academic writing.
  10. Get involved with your local literary community! Keep up with the Midtown Scholar’s events that include poetry readings, visiting writers, and more. Meeting times for book clubs, writing groups, and spoken word groups can also be found on this page.