Split AT&T Bill in a Shared Data Plan

Getting fair shares for a shared data plan is always disaster! Because it is not a simple +/- but also there are a lot of overheads included inside the charges such as tax and extras, and also AT&T doesn’t divide the data charge and overage among the lines but only one line!

The attached EXCEL file contains the details of the processing of the separate shares of a 13-line AT&T data shared plan. To start with it, you should fill out the yellow boxes at the bottom of the file. You can get help from “View my bill” page at AT&T website. The instructions can be as follows:

  1. Fill out total bill balance (Total), number of lines (T#), total amount of data (TData), AT&T base charge per line (ATT Base) by looking at “View my bill” page at AT&T website.
  2. Fill out insurances (Insurance column) and installments (Installment column) again by by looking at “View my bill” page at AT&T website.
  3. If any line has an extra charge (for international calls, etc.), calculate extra charge by subtracting ATT_BASE from the actual balance in front of the line. [Note: AT&T charges one line for the whole data. So don’t try to consider it as an extra charge.]
  4. If the plan had a data overage, you can fill out the used data by each line in Data column (shown as yellow) from “Check Usage” page at AT&T website. A user-defined function (UDF), UDF(x)=ROUNDUP(x*(1+SIGN(x))/2,0); x is the distance of the line data usage from the mean data usage, has been used to compute the data overage share among the lines.

Now, you can verify the results:

  1. Green balances shown in ATT Website column should be equal with the balances in “View my bill” page at AT&T website.
  2. Also you can verify the overpay balance, calculated balance, etc.

Finally the fair shares would be in “Separate” column.


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