Semantic Scholar Information is not Stable!

The website is spreading unstable info about many scholars, their papers and their citations. Just try my name:

It was better to supervise/verify the info before making public on the web, otherwise shut it down! I’m totally disappointed with SemanticScholar!

1 thought on “Semantic Scholar Information is not Stable!

  1. Dawn

    Dear Farshid,

    I’m very sorry you’ve had a negative experience with Semantic Scholar. We’re always striving to improve your experience and are currently working on ways to improve our data quality and profile management. If you’re still unsatisfied with how Semantic Scholar is representing you and your research, please let us know! I’d be happy to make corrections to ensure your data on our site is accurate.

    If at anytime you have additional feedback or concerns, please send me a message at


    Semantic Scholar Team


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