Kirt Wilson

Kirt Wilson is Associate Professor of Rhetoric in the Communication Arts and Sciences Department at Penn State. He studies the intersection of issues related to African American public discourse, civil rights history, and political rhetoric. In this video, he speaks to media frames, language, body rhetoric, and the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

John Gastil

John Gastil, Penn State Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences and Political Science, specializes in political deliberation, group decision making, and political communication. In this video, he discusses several issues related to Ferguson including: juries, grand juries, jury selection, the protests, and bias.

Tim Robicheaux

Tim Robicheaux is a lecturer in the Penn State Department of Sociology and Criminology. He studies issues at the intersection of cognitive psychology and the law, specifically legal decision making and eyewitness memory. In this video he introduces implicit bias research as it relates to Ferguson and discusses the fallibility of eyewitness memory. He also teaches a Massively Open Online Course, titled "Presumed Innocent: The Social Science of Wrongful Convictions."

Shirley Moody-Turner

Shirley Moody-Turner is Assistant Professor of English and African American Studies at Penn State. She studies the representations of race in the late nineteenth century and in the twentieth century. In this video she discusses the impact of story and narrative on the ways we perceive race, and specifically how story informed the interaction between Darren Wilson and Michael Brown.

Wazir Mohamed

Wazir Mohamed is Associate Professor of Sociology at Indiana University East. He studies Atlantic Slavery, particularly the rise of slavery in the age of abolition, and the second slavery in Cuba, Brazil, and the United States. He is also heavily involved in community and social justice activism. In this Google Hangout, he discusses the impact of global structural inequality on communities like Ferguson.

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