Focus: Let’s Get Motivated

Have you ever seen someone running at a ridiculously early time of day and have wondered how on earth they are waking up so early to do that? Or has someone ever told you how he or she hasn’t eaten dessert in months? How can we be motivated like these amazingly healthy people? I am here to tell you!


Motivation is linked to goals. Without a goal in mind, why do you do what you do? I love to run which is why I do it. However, most people do not love to eat healthy and exercise which is why goal setting is important for motivation.



Okay, so you are thinking that this is a really dumb way of motivating someone. However, have you ever physically written down your fitness goal or your weight goal? If you haven’t, then you will not know what I am talking about.  Writing down goals with specific parameters and guidelines of how and when you want your goals to be accomplished is crucial. Similar to an agenda or calendar with your daily plans listed where you rely on either to get through your day, in order to fulfill your goals you must also write them down.



Now that they are written down, complete them! Put your written goals in a place where you see everyday. Maybe set your background on your phone of a famous athlete or write yourself notes of inspiration and motivation. However you do it, make sure you complete your goals, but do not be afraid to adjust them if they are too far reaching or too simple.



How did you do? Did you succeed in some areas of your goals and not others? Why not? Ask yourself these questions and decide what held you back from reaching your goals, or what assisted you in achieving them.

smart goal setting concept

I urge everyone to try this technique to trigger motivation in not only your health and well being but success in school, work, and various areas of life. Don’t give up and don’t be afraid to test your limits!



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  4. Freddy Steimling

    The goal setting process that you laid out can be applied to almost everything. I consider myself to be a relatively organized guy, I always write out my short-term goals (i.e. Finish Homework, Go to the Gym), and then make time to incorporate these activities into my everyday schedule. I think what a lot of people struggle with is prioritizing their goals or taking on too many at once. Not only is this overwhelming but is sometimes physically impossible and leads to disappointment and abandonment when they analyze their progress. So really the second step of goal-setting should be prioritizing.

  5. Making goals for your self is a really great way to make progress on something. I remember when I was in high school and all I wanted was to get a standing back tuck for cheerleading tryouts so that I would be able to make the Varsity competition squad the following year. I would go to tumbling twice a day five days a week. Every time I went I would leave so frustrated that I was unable to just throw and land one by myself until one day my instructor told me to just make small goals for each lesson and it would then come easier to me. Each time I would create a small goal to accomplish which I would then do and leave happy. I was ultimately able to throw my standing tuck for tryouts and make the team because of the small goals I set for my self over a period of time. I can see how exercise and healthy eating can be accomplished with small goals as well.

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