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Introducing In The Know: Your Money Your Life

In The Know is here to help students take control of their lives and professional futures. We want to show you where to go and how to learn more so that you and your wallet are ready to take on the real world. This is not a financial advisory blog, but instead a blog that shows you how to be self-sufficient and proactive about your finances, health, and other important life decisions.

How are you supposed to think about money and your future when you’re busy with classes, work, and clubs? Don’t fret! PSU’s In The Know is designed to be a low-commitment guide for you to follow along with throughout the semester. Even just 10-30 minutes per week can have a huge impact on your skills and knowledge.

Through tips, local interviews, and resources that are personalized for the Penn State community, In The Know is designed to help students at Penn State improve important life-skills.

The Penn State University Libraries is taking the initiative to provide students with information so you can understand how to find reliable sources and manage money better, whether it’s saving a few dollars every week or saving up for a future house. We understand thinking about adulting can be scary, whether it’s being afraid of checking your bank account, or being concerned about student loans. Our goal is to have students like you be confident in their personal finances and for you to be informed on where to go when you need help/more information.

This blog is at your disposal to utilize what you need, when you need it. We’ll provide you with useful tips, credible resources, relevant interviews, and more to jump-start your personal finance knowledge.

College is the perfect time to learn about life skills as you are in the transition from being dependent (living off of your parents) to being an independent adult.

This post offers information on how to budget for the semester, tips for freshmen (although they’re helpful for anyone), library databases in the resource spotlight, and a virtual book display. Click on the links on the left to check out everything this initial post has to offer and stay tuned for future posts!


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