I am a Professor of Management & Organization in the Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State University. I received my PhD in Management from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2003. Prior to pursuing my PhD, I worked in consulting for John Snow Inc. in Boston, focusing in the health care and automotive industries, and in the area of non-market strategy. My undergraduate degree is in Environmental Science from Harvard College (1995).

Much of my research focuses on how organizations decide to adopt new practices and strategies, and how such changes spread across industries and fields of organizations. I am especially interested in how organizational decision makers react when there is controversy surrounding the changes they are considering, and when stakeholders are advocating for and against those changes. I have examined a range of new practices for this purpose, including practices related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), business-unit resource allocation, workforce diversity, and supplier management.

I also conduct research in a second area, focusing on the effects that new and changing organizational practices have on employees. In this work, I am particularly interested in how changes are affecting professional employees, whose traditional ways of working are being challenged and disrupted. I have examined impacts on a range of outcomes for workers including their earnings, promotions, work-life flexibility, and career patterns.

Currently I teach courses in several degree programs, including Strategic Management (MMOL), The Responsibilities of Business Leaders (Executive MBA), Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MBA) and Seminar in Organization Theory (PhD).

I serve as an Associate Editor for Administrative Science Quarterly, and recently completed a term as AE for Academy of Management Annals. I am on the editorial boards of Academy of Management Journal,  Journal of Professions and Organization, and several other journals. I am also active in governance, including a recent term on the executive committee for the Organization and Management Theory (OMT) division of the Academy of Management.