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This archive explores contemporary poetry— poetry written from WWII to today. More specifically, this archive explores queer contemporary
poetry– poetry written by modern writers that also identify within the LGBTQ community. These poets discuss a plethora of different topics including gender identity, sexual orientation, relationships, sex, and love. They also discuss how their other identities, like race, ethnicity, and gender, play a role in their queer experience. To help navigate this archive, it hasĀ have been split into three main parts. The Resource Guide provides readers with outside resourcesĀ to help explain concepts like contemporary literature, queer identities, and queer theory. The Archive Items are the actual pieces of poetry, followed by identifications and annotations. The Blog Posts discuss the historical context and narrative importance of archives. Readers can access these below or along the side bar. Enjoy your journey through the depths of queer poetry!

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