The Vienna State Opera

Vienna Opera

While all my posts focus on the beauty of nature, this week centers around a man-made marvel. In Vienna, Austria, a city of old architecture and history, the famous Opera house has been in use since 1869, when it’s opening night held the play ‘Don Juan’ for the Emperor and Empress of the time, and has been in use ever since. Though it was bombed during the second world war, the building remained standing, and after construction was quickly put back into use. The Opera House stands at an impressive 65 meters, with paintings and sculptures from some of Austria’s finest artists throughout the building. I imagine being inside would send you back to the renaissance on a heartbeat.

Vienna Opera 2

Though the architecture is certainly not the whole reason I would love to visit. As I said, the theater is still very much in use. Almost everyday of the year, some performance is being held. Whether it be the famous ballet’s they put on, or the world renowned plays, either would be a spectacular show. Unfortunately the plays are all held in Austrian, so if you’re not fluent in the language like myself, it may being your best interest to see a play you’re already familiar with, as to not get too lost while witnessing the art. But while learning the language is not a requirement to attendance, dress code is certainly much more important. While you won’t be bodily thrown out of the opera house, many people do dress quite nicely for the opera, though it all depends on your seat. In the ‘standing area’ the dress code is much more relaxed, but you still won’t find anyone with jeans or a t-shirt, and in the more expensive seats there may even be long dresses and suits. If I were to go I would certainly want to dress up and gain the full experience, but it’s all preference really.

The plays are something I would love to see, but the true draw to the theater is the annual ball. Once a year a magnificent ball is held in the main ballroom, and the wealthy and famous flock to attend. Below is a video of the event, and if you ever wanted to attend a ball, this would be your chance.

This historic and beautiful theater, easily made it’s way and held it’s place on my list.








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