Alhambra of Granada

Spain is a land of history and an abundance of art and culture. In Granada there exists a sort of palace that dates back long before Spain had established itself in the world. The first record of the fortress dates back to the 9th century, and it’s origin is tied heavily in with the original Muslim influence in Spain. Today the palace is a museum and monument to the history and past of the Spanish rule and how it came to be.


I originally learned about Alhambra in high school, and since then I’ve been determined to see it at some point in my life, so it’s only natural that it would make it onto this blog. The palace is hundreds of years old and holds more stories then you can imagine, though the tour is expensive it’s rich with knowledge and beautiful architecture, and I most certainly deem it a worthy expense. The castle is filled to the brim with expansive gardens and rooms dedicated to devotion and religious practices. While the original structure was built by Muslims, when the Catholic reign entered Spain, it did so with an iron fist, believing it to be their duty to ‘cleanse’ the country of other religions, so most of the structure is dedicated to the christian religion and it’s practices as opposed to the builders first design.

Alhambra 2

This beautiful monument is easily one of my favorite castles or castle designs I’ve seen. If you ever get the chance to visit Western Europe and find yourself in South Spain perhaps you’ll find yourself near the city that has lived and breathed since the age of the Romans. Maybe you’ll remember my desire to experience the culture and history of this place and you too will feel a draw to learn of it;s past. If not, at least you’ve learned a bit about the history of the city of Granada.


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  1. Kelly Xiang says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the introduction and brief history.

  2. Senior year I took Art History and this was one of my favorite architecture pieces from the whole year! I remember we learned specifically how the Muslims designed it to fit their purpose as a palace and how its function changed after that. I am still determined to see it at some point in my life as well!

  3. Lori Bedell says:

    This is such a unique blog. A mix of architecture, travel, wonder…..

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